Watch – Lone Wolf & Cub

I love Tarantino movies. But I’ve always been told that he steals everything from other films, samurai and western flicks, and mashes all the best parts together. I don’t have a problem with that but if you really get into it with film snobs that’s how they discount his work. But who cares, right? I digress.

I’ve been in search of films that lived up to his brand of awesomeness and have always been a little disappointed. Not that they weren’t great, but Tarantino takes all the best stuff and mashes it into one awesome cacophony, you know, like a film turducken. Well I’ve finally found something that has lived up to that insanity. Lone Wolf and Cub! It’s a Japanese series from the 70’s and it is pure gory artistic awesome. Severed limbs praying blood everywhere. Superhuman feats of sword fighting badassery. And they look great. I just watched Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance. Netflix’s got em. You NEED to be watching these. Your welcome.

And Wilee Just Made Everyone’s Day

Greatest photo ever? Passionate Parisian Clinker Wilee emailed me this photo he appeared in for the French magazine WAD and, needless to say, I was pretty geeked out by the whole thing.

Hawks, Chiefs, Drillers, and Threshers Editions all make an appearance. It’s hard, uh-hum, for me to make the distinction between wanting one of our caps to be in the um, seat of honor. Or if we should be satisfied with 2nd place. Lets be satisfied with 2nd.

I’ve uploaded a copy a PDF version of the article here (it’s in French and English!)…


We’ve shipped nearly 600 orders over the last year, pretty good for a first year. And would you believe it, only one was returned to us a undeliverable. Pretty good odds, right? Why are we telling you this? Isn’t it a negative? Well, no. We sent the Clinker in question a new package along time ago and it got there just fine – everything is right with in the World.

I just received the redirected package in the mail the other day and it’s been on my desk for about a week. Look how incredibly awesome all the markings are! It was sent to Taiwan so it has all kinds of Taiwanese characters on it, twine, rubber bands, stamps, forms, and scribbles. It’s like one of those old fashioned suitcases with stickers all over it. Or even better, a prop from an Indiana Jones movie – a piece of mail from a giant pile on his desk right next to his Dad’s diary.

Big Thanks!

Jason and I want to thank you guys for an incredible first year. Your enthusiasm and support surpassed anything that we could have hoped for. We hope you guys took advantage of the Anniversary Sale. Here’s to a kick-ass year 2. It’s going to be the year of collaborations. Let’s make it a great one!

First Anniversary Sale

September 27th is the first anniversary of our first hat going on sale. It’s been an epic year. And as a way to say thanks, we’re kicking off a once-a-year anniversary sale with 30% off everything in the store from September 24th through the 27th. We’re only going to have this sale once a year, so get while the gettin’s good! Head to the online store to take advantage of these deals…

Nike’s New Uniforms

Has everyone had a chance to get a closer look at the new uniforms by Nike? Not only do they seem technologically more advanced then previous models. But some of the design touches are brilliant. Matte grey helmets! Printed texture! College football is probably our favorite, you know, of everything. I’m so jealous that we didn’t design this stuff.