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Has everyone had a chance to get a closer look at the new uniforms by Nike? Not only do they seem technologically more advanced then previous models. But some of the design touches are brilliant. Matte grey helmets! Printed texture! College football is probably our favorite, you know, of everything. I’m so jealous that we didn’t design this stuff.


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  1. I’m iffy on some of their changes. I don’t like corporations changing traditional designs in favor of promotion. It should be about the university, not Nike. However, I do love those wings on Oregon’s shoulders. Those are slick. And, the matte helmets are an interesting look. I also like the oversized logo on Boise’s helmet in the opener from the Pro Combat series.

  2. Nike has two lines going, the main Pro Combat system of dress, which is being worn by a lot of teams for this season (Oregon, my alma mater, started with it last year) and then their special line of one-off uniforms for a select 10 teams. They started this last year, and those are most of the one’s you’ve posted here. You can see all the new ones at

  3. My thoughts are on tradition(Penstate,Alabama,Notre Dame…etc) but most teams don’t have much of a tradition so I’m all for unique looks…the uniform or the stadium is the first thing you notice when playing at a place, if it can intimidate, it should……

  4. I’m with Kevin on this, as far as being about the school, not Nike. I appreciate the creativity and thinking behind all of these, but deep down I love schools like Notre Dame and Alabama who just keep it simple and classic. I actually saw the all black version of TCU’s unis in person last weekend and it was pretty intimidating.

  5. I went to a big football school, so the color concepts are strange to me. Nike sees school colors and says “Try black and dark silver instead!”

    Lots of the designs are so dark you really can’t see logos, stripes or numbers from very far away. Oregon’s green jerseys with dark grey numbers, Missouri’s helmets, etc.

    Like I always say about fashion, the more trendy it is the quicker it goes out of style. Will we be mocking some of these in 10 years?

  6. like TCU and Boise they are trying to write their history now….there is no tradition and no history as far as I’m concerned….
    this year Ohio state, Alabama and others have a new uniform coming out at some point this season….Im ok with it, Ohio sates has a red helmet red jersey…. that was the color of their helmet in the 50’s
    Alabama’s early plastic helmet was actually white…
    I’m not sure where I stand with Oregon b/c they have a long history but its always been their style to change it up and uses it as a major recruiting tool…
    High school kids don’t see tradition they see whats new and cool..that’s who the universities are trying to appeal to

  7. Personally, I like this stuff. No one has completely gone to this, although Oregon is well on their way. I know as a fan I love anything retro or futuristic. Remember when the a few MLB teams did futuristic uniforms? I was so into that, it’s just forward thinking.

    Also, think about the new helmets most football players are wearing. Those things may protect you more from getting a concussion but a lot of design went into them. They just look dope. The face masks make players look like the have some kind of robotic machine on their heads. LT’s wore that visor and crazy mask that made him look like Darth Vader.

    Tradition will be maintained but design will never be stopped. I mean look at the flare J & C have brought to the game. A little tradition with a little forward thinking.

  8. Its kind of a bizarre situation. On the one hand, it could be argued that using these unis for one game, isn’t that big of a deal for the more “traditional” schools. Though, I still don’t like the idea of any manufacturer pushing for changes in the interest of self-promotion. But, college sports are a big business, and ultimately money will win out over purity—just like the NCAA’s refusal to go to a playoff system. Alabama’s set is interesting—its a minor update to a traditional look. The modern elements don’t disrupt the traditional look, but I would argue that the updates aren’t really necessary then. Its just change for the sake of change. I think programs on the rise such as TCU, Boise State, etc. are perfect fits for programs like this. They are in the midst of establishing their tradition for the future. As much as I like traditional uniforms, there has to be room for innovation and progress.
    On a personal note, I LOVE standard block numbers on uniforms. They just look right to me. I also think Arizona’s helmet stripes (one red, one blue) is killer. I’m usually one for symmetry, but the uniqueness within a traditional look is great.

  9. I’m not about to mince words on this subject. I ABHOR what Nike – with the full cooperation of those schools easily talked into jettisoning quality design for a few extra dollars in licensed product sales – have done to college football uniforms over the past few years.

    While I have no gripes with an athletic-wear manufacturer incorporating technological advances into uniforms, the vast majority of “design touches” that Nike has foisted upon college football are examples of trendy, created-to-become-quickly-dated, change for the sake of change. Nothing more, nothing less.

    As Kevin alluded to, Nike’s stylistic reimaginings seem to be less about what would best promote and support the identity and heritage of the schools in question and more about blaring, “Hey! We’re Nike! We’re ‘edgy’ and ‘kewl’ and look what we did to Fill-in-the-Blank University’s football uniforms!”

    Honestly… I look at these uniforms and see a tremendous amount of mediocre – indeed, God-awful – design being passed-off as “brilliant”.

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