We’ve shipped nearly 600 orders over the last year, pretty good for a first year. And would you believe it, only one was returned to us a undeliverable. Pretty good odds, right? Why are we telling you this? Isn’t it a negative? Well, no. We sent the Clinker in question a new package along time ago and it got there just fine – everything is right with in the World.

I just received the redirected package in the mail the other day and it’s been on my desk for about a week. Look how incredibly awesome all the markings are! It was sent to Taiwan so it has all kinds of Taiwanese characters on it, twine, rubber bands, stamps, forms, and scribbles. It’s like one of those old fashioned suitcases with stickers all over it. Or even better, a prop from an Indiana Jones movie – a piece of mail from a giant pile on his desk right next to his Dad’s diary.


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