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I love Tarantino movies. But I’ve always been told that he steals everything from other films, samurai and western flicks, and mashes all the best parts together. I don’t have a problem with that but if you really get into it with film snobs that’s how they discount his work. But who cares, right? I digress.

I’ve been in search of films that lived up to his brand of awesomeness and have always been a little disappointed. Not that they weren’t great, but Tarantino takes all the best stuff and mashes it into one awesome cacophony, you know, like a film turducken. Well I’ve finally found something that has lived up to that insanity. Lone Wolf and Cub! It’s a Japanese series from the 70’s and it is pure gory artistic awesome. Severed limbs praying blood everywhere. Superhuman feats of sword fighting badassery. And they look great. I just watched Lone Wolf and Cub: Sword of Vengeance. Netflix’s got em. You NEED to be watching these. Your welcome.


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  1. Kozure Ookami! Im a huge samurai movie fan. I have like 30 or 40 of em, and while Lone Wolf is much more sensational and fictional than the typical samurai film, its a lot of fun and one of my favorite collections, I have the box set with all six movies .
    Many people are only familiar with Shogun Assassin (which is a movie made up of clips from all the Lone Wolf movie series) but I would just advise a first time watcher to watch “Lone Wolf and Cub – sword of vengence” so that if the dig the film, the rest of the series isnt ruined for them.
    Casey, when you watch them all, Id be curious to know which one Lone Wolf movie you liked the best. Im partial to “Baby Cart in Peril”
    I also have the Lone Wolf black and white comics – those are so classic, the storytelling and pacing is awesome and shouldnt be missed. Pure Awesome.

  2. I’d be interested to see what “severed limbs praying blood everywhere” looks like. 😉
    Have you seen Kung Pow? I know most people think it’s a horrible movie, but I thought it was hilarious. They took an old chinese movie, cut it apart and blue screened in a new character and dubbed over the voices. Good times.

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