2 Dominos

Just when you think there wasn’t another reason to love Minor League baseball. Our buddy Scott, the guy that runs the Reading Phillies (R-Phils), sent us these photos of Chuck Domino’s induction into the R-Phils’ Hall-of-Fame. Chuck Domino is a legend. He should be immortalized as often and as in as many ways as possible. Especially as a giant inflatable.

B.T.S. – Bullfrogs “B”s

I liked looking at the BlueClaws “BC” series that we did a couple days ago. Thought I’d dig up another round of monograms. This time showing a few of our “B”s that we did for the Toledo Bullfrogs Arena Football team. Nostalgia can be like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Creatively I have to be looking forward. But these B.T.S. have been good creatively in a weird way. I wonder how it’ll influence our work on current or future projects.

Introducing Clink Kong

Congratulations to Kevin Werther for winning the Clink Kong collaboration. There were so many stellar designs. Designs that we hope to use someday for t-shirts, hats etc. But Kevin’s beautifully designed Kong is just the sort of logo that we could build a great story on.

Thanks again to everyone who voted and submitted a design. So many brilliant designers out there. Stay tuned for our next collaboration coming up in the next few weeks.

Clink Kong Vote

Here’s how it works. Pick your top 3 entries, in no particular order. Should look something like this… 87, 95, 53

If clicking the icon above doesn’t work for you, submit your vote to TheClinkRoom@PlanBBranding.com put CLINK KONG VOTE in the subject line. Vote ends on Thursday, September 9th – the winner will be announced on Friday the 10th. Good luck everyone!