Halloweenies- Talespin Edition

Here’s a Halloween treat for you – As you probably know, Jason and I have been best friends and collaborators since kindergarten. One of our best collaborations? While it’s cool to make a costume of your favorite cartoon character – Jason and I decided to deck-out the whole neighborhood in Talespin costumes.

A little paper-mache, hot-glue, a few of patient parents. Bada-bing-bada-boom-guess who’s kicking in your front door for candy? Baloo, Don Karnage (Played by Jason), Louie (Played by Me! You can’t see my extendo-orangutan-arms with mechanical claws to operate the hands, damn.), Wildcat, and Shere Khan. Special thanks to Greg (the dude on the far left) who decided that we needed a body guard. Yeah, that makes sense.

Kick this Halloween weekend’s ass everyone! (And be safe, no razor blade popcorn balls.)

Clean Up

Clean up…

• Night League sounds fun. Can you guys throw out some ideas to really seal the deal so we know it’s fertile ground creatively. Don’t giveaway you secret awesome name. But maybe hit us up with some genres or themes. We could even reserve two winning spots for Keg Ball specific team names. Night could let everyone run creatively in a really interesting way.

• Delivery of our first round of competition hats from New Era are supposed to be showing up any day now. I don’t want to start a new collaboration till we start to release those hats. The wait’s killing me.

• Check out this awesome sketch from Ryan Davis of his Chupacabra hat (Which is still on sale BTW).
• I also got this great story from Dave McMillin about his Pollos Terrible hat and the luck it brought his kickball team (Also still on sale!)

“Hey Jason and Casey,

Got the hat love it. I play on a kickball team named El Guapo and the Chicken is our mascot. We really play up the Mexican theme with inflatable cactus, mariachi music, and sombraros. Everyone loved the hat. We are actually going to be in the National Kickball Tourniment in Las Vegas Oct 8th – 10th. I’m going to bring the hat out there. Last night it got me a grand slam and a 2 run homerun. So hopefully it will continue. I’ll try to take some pictures and show you guys your hat in action.


• We love hearing those stories and getting you images and artwork. Keep them coming.

• It’s going to be a fun next few months. Tons of new hats (Blind Cave Shrimp Edition are due any day now as well. Yes!). I’m moving to San Diego at the end of November. My New Mexico mountain fortress of solitude has been a cool experiment but it’s too damn cold here in the winter. NYC winters didn’t bother me. But it gets into the negatives way too often here. I don’t know how you Canadians do it. Time for beach living till we figure out our next move. Where should we put The Clink Room’s first brick-and-mortar? Maybe that’s where we’ll move.

Beer, Night, or Sloshball?

I think we’re on to something here. Jeff has a great variation of the Night League with this idea…

“How about the Beer League where you could create a logo for any sport where drinking beer is a natural part of the process? Maybe that was already discussed and rejected a while back when when ehded up picking the SSL, but I renominate the Beer League. I mean who hasn’t played Beer League Softball at some point in ther adult lives? Or do I just drink too much beer?”

And then Jason hit me up with this variation on the theme. Sloshball! It could be cool to outfit whole Sloshball teams with badass unis. For those of you that don’t know, Urban Dictionary defines Sloshball as…

“Sloshball is kickball with beer. A keg is used in place of second base. When runners reach second base, they must finish a cup of beer before moving on to third. However, there is no force out at third base, so an unlimited number of people can be on second base drinking beer. Everyone on the field must be holding a beer at all times. Fielders may not drop their beer in order to make a play on the ball. If a batter believes that a fielder is playing with an empty cup, batter may call a beer check on the fielder. If the fielder has an empty cup, he/she must drink. If the fielder made an out but was found to have no beer in their cup, the batter is safe. If there is beer in the cup, the batter who called beer check must drink. All close plays should result in loud, profanity laced arguments. If the game ends and no one has splashed beer on themselves, the game should be considered a failure.”

So Beer League, Night League or Sloshball League? Sound off in the comments!

Texarkana B.T.S. – 2

Gunslingers was the final name for this now defunct Independent League team, but we came up with concepts for Fire Ants and Lone Razors (Those sketches tomorrow). Fire Ants could be cool but I’m not crazy about any of these. Maybe the spiderman-esqe ant with the “T”. Nah.

On a business tip – we’ve done a few independent league teams. It always amazes me when we work for an independent club that knows how to make it work from a business stand point. Opening a new club, essentially created out of thin air, is an amazing feat if you can pull it off.

Texarkana Gunslingers – B.T.S.

Here’s a deep cut behind-the-scenes. The Texarkana Gunslingers were an independent baseball team in Texas. Now defunct unfortunately. For this project we explored 3 team names – Gunslingers, Fire Ants and the Lone Razors (That one’s pretty awesome right?). Gunslingers was the easy A in the bunch so it makes sense that it was chosen. The top sketch was developed into the logo they used. I’d love to see those guns and bandolier embroidered in raised thread.

We’ll show you Fire Ants tomorrow and Lone Razors on Friday.