Texarkana Gunslingers – B.T.S.

Here’s a deep cut behind-the-scenes. The Texarkana Gunslingers were an independent baseball team in Texas. Now defunct unfortunately. For this project we explored 3 team names – Gunslingers, Fire Ants and the Lone Razors (That one’s pretty awesome right?). Gunslingers was the easy A in the bunch so it makes sense that it was chosen. The top sketch was developed into the logo they used. I’d love to see those guns and bandolier embroidered in raised thread.

We’ll show you Fire Ants tomorrow and Lone Razors on Friday.


7 thoughts on “Texarkana Gunslingers – B.T.S.

  1. Wow! These are great. Of course I love the Texas imagery going on here. The “T”‘s are awesome but I think my favorite is the last design. I think the script and shadowy figure is the best look for this brand. Maybe the ammo and gun n holster could be sleeve patches or alternate hat logos. Would there be any chance of seeing any sort Special edition Gunslinger hat?

  2. All represent your usual fine work. That said, the bottom logo is the best of the bunch, followed closely by that “T” with the holster wrapped around it.

  3. In fact, while I’m thinking of it, I’d love to see a “Special Edition” t-shirt featuring that last logo on the front, with the “T-holster” secondary mark featured on a sleeve. BRILLIANT!!!

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