Our Next League?

Could this be the inspiration for our next League collaboration? What do you guys think?

The After Hours League? The Night League? The Nightletes?


4 thoughts on “Our Next League?

  1. I think a league based on a vague concept like “Night” could bring some interesting concepts and interpretations. Endless possibilities! I suggest “The Nightcap League” as the name.

  2. How about the Beer League where you could create a logo for any sport where drinking beer is a natural part of the process? Maybe that was already discussed and rejected a while back when when ehded up picking the SSL, but I renominate the Beer League. I mean who hasn’t played Beer League Softball at some point in ther adult lives? Or do I just drink too much beer?

  3. I like the idea.

    For me the ANLL – the All Night Long League – would work.
    Or just the All Night League – the ANL.
    ANL? Does that sound a little to weird?

    I’m looking forward to what ever the name will be.


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