Texarkana B.T.S. – 2

Gunslingers was the final name for this now defunct Independent League team, but we came up with concepts for Fire Ants and Lone Razors (Those sketches tomorrow). Fire Ants could be cool but I’m not crazy about any of these. Maybe the spiderman-esqe ant with the “T”. Nah.

On a business tip – we’ve done a few independent league teams. It always amazes me when we work for an independent club that knows how to make it work from a business stand point. Opening a new club, essentially created out of thin air, is an amazing feat if you can pull it off.


One thought on “Texarkana B.T.S. – 2

  1. I think the top right would be my favorite of all the logos here….however I also love the “F” on the bottom right sketch. That could look nice on a hat with the right colorway.

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