Beer, Night, or Sloshball?

I think we’re on to something here. Jeff has a great variation of the Night League with this idea…

“How about the Beer League where you could create a logo for any sport where drinking beer is a natural part of the process? Maybe that was already discussed and rejected a while back when when ehded up picking the SSL, but I renominate the Beer League. I mean who hasn’t played Beer League Softball at some point in ther adult lives? Or do I just drink too much beer?”

And then Jason hit me up with this variation on the theme. Sloshball! It could be cool to outfit whole Sloshball teams with badass unis. For those of you that don’t know, Urban Dictionary defines Sloshball as…

“Sloshball is kickball with beer. A keg is used in place of second base. When runners reach second base, they must finish a cup of beer before moving on to third. However, there is no force out at third base, so an unlimited number of people can be on second base drinking beer. Everyone on the field must be holding a beer at all times. Fielders may not drop their beer in order to make a play on the ball. If a batter believes that a fielder is playing with an empty cup, batter may call a beer check on the fielder. If the fielder has an empty cup, he/she must drink. If the fielder made an out but was found to have no beer in their cup, the batter is safe. If there is beer in the cup, the batter who called beer check must drink. All close plays should result in loud, profanity laced arguments. If the game ends and no one has splashed beer on themselves, the game should be considered a failure.”

So Beer League, Night League or Sloshball League? Sound off in the comments!


23 thoughts on “Beer, Night, or Sloshball?

  1. I still think Night would give us a more diverse range of ideas and concepts. I’m all for a beer every now and then, but I think the realm of possibilities is a little more limited. I vote for Night!

  2. Hmmmmm, tough call. I think I’m going to go with Night League. Beer League and Sloshball could bring about a lot of good ideas, but I feel like the Night League will bring out a lot of NEW, fresh ideas.

  3. Sloshball seems too limiting. Beer league could work. Nightlife league would be best in terms of giving people a range of options. Beer league sports could still be played as part of the nightlife!

  4. I like the beer league. I bet you can make some very fun characters performing a slow, underhanded pitch.

    Same with Slosh Ball. Kickers, rollers, drinkers. I could imagine how fun it would be to stretch an idea to something very grand.

    If anything, I haven’t seen what the Night League would look like. I’m sure it brings out a lot of possibilities. It sounds WAY too broad for me.

    My vote is for Beer League.

    Also, the movie Beer League starring Artie Lange and Ralph Machio is hilarious.

  5. I like the Beer League lots of possibilities mix in the different secondary marks and spin off merchandising products haha!!

    For the Night League I like the idea but what about going slightly in a different direction. What about the “UNDERGROUND league” there are several options floating there. I remember all the after bars, or warehouse parties, or off the beaten path clubs we used to hit up in college and thereafter. From the scavenger hunt of getting phone numbers to pick locations, to shady characters, doormen, passwords, & dark alleys…. the thrill of the chase to get to the “event of the year”

  6. I didn’t mean the Beer League to be limited to just Beer League softball. It could be any sport where drinking is involved. Bowling, cards, darts, billiards, corn toss etc… All those could equally be part of the Night League which is why I would agree to lean towards the Night League to be inclusive of the non-drinkers. (But I would argue Beer League is a cooler name.)

  7. Well, I guess if I had to choose between the three, I would say Night League because it seems that it would have a greater variety of ideas to tap into? I dunno none are all that exciting to me from this point probably because I have no ideas.
    I would have like to see the previous ideas of Legends or Myth league explored first, but I guess go with Night League…

  8. I’m going Night League, though I’d partake in any of them. Night seems like there would be more options and more marketable to “outsiders” to purchase the winning cap.

  9. Another concept I would enjoy seeing explored in a future contest would be where we would design a baseball logo in a retro or futuristic style. maybe thats just my personal artistic style

  10. I think the idea with the most concepts will be Night League. Lots of possibilities with the Beer League but Night League is the way to go.

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