Clean Up

Clean up…

• Night League sounds fun. Can you guys throw out some ideas to really seal the deal so we know it’s fertile ground creatively. Don’t giveaway you secret awesome name. But maybe hit us up with some genres or themes. We could even reserve two winning spots for Keg Ball specific team names. Night could let everyone run creatively in a really interesting way.

• Delivery of our first round of competition hats from New Era are supposed to be showing up any day now. I don’t want to start a new collaboration till we start to release those hats. The wait’s killing me.

• Check out this awesome sketch from Ryan Davis of his Chupacabra hat (Which is still on sale BTW).
• I also got this great story from Dave McMillin about his Pollos Terrible hat and the luck it brought his kickball team (Also still on sale!)

“Hey Jason and Casey,

Got the hat love it. I play on a kickball team named El Guapo and the Chicken is our mascot. We really play up the Mexican theme with inflatable cactus, mariachi music, and sombraros. Everyone loved the hat. We are actually going to be in the National Kickball Tourniment in Las Vegas Oct 8th – 10th. I’m going to bring the hat out there. Last night it got me a grand slam and a 2 run homerun. So hopefully it will continue. I’ll try to take some pictures and show you guys your hat in action.


• We love hearing those stories and getting you images and artwork. Keep them coming.

• It’s going to be a fun next few months. Tons of new hats (Blind Cave Shrimp Edition are due any day now as well. Yes!). I’m moving to San Diego at the end of November. My New Mexico mountain fortress of solitude has been a cool experiment but it’s too damn cold here in the winter. NYC winters didn’t bother me. But it gets into the negatives way too often here. I don’t know how you Canadians do it. Time for beach living till we figure out our next move. Where should we put The Clink Room’s first brick-and-mortar? Maybe that’s where we’ll move.


10 thoughts on “Clean Up

  1. Try the midwest! Kansas City is in the heart of the country. It’ll save you time on all those long flights from the West Coast to the East Coast.

    The cost of living is way cheaper in my area, I see those shows where people in big cities spend $400,000 on a house that’s around $90,000 here. That’s ridiculous, how do you people do it?

    The midwest get’s a bad rap. I love it here, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

    KC is nice and warm (and humid) in the summer, but you still get to enjoy winter without it being Canada.

    Downtown Kansas City is in the process of a reniassance right now. With the new arena and Power and Light District, it’s a lot better place for younger people to call home than it was 20 years ago. Not too mention Westport and the Plaza.

    I’s jus’ sayin’

  2. I’m really excited to see the competition hats, I hope you guys do more of those commercials too lol, the pollos one was hilarious.

  3. Is Maine in the running? You’ve established yourself in the southwest(globally, really) , time for a northeast office or studio. Right in Portland, the perfect Minor League city.
    For the night league, teams could be based on night life(bars, seedy pool halls, after party spots, etc.), or anything children would associate with dreams and/or sleeping(boogeyman, tooth fairy, footed-pajamas, etc.), or any animal that is awake at night(owls, bats, crickets, fireflies, moles, possums, etc.), or even anything that is seen at night in the sky like constellations.

  4. I like the Night League because most of the time i draw in the evening/night when i’m not being disturbed by phones/mail/errands and what not.

    Perhaps Nocturnal League?
    Things-that-go-bump-in-the-night League (awesome reference to Calvin & Hobbes).

  5. I know it is a bit slow for some people’s tastes, but I love Coronado. A prototypical American small town just a 5-minute drive – or, 10-minute ferry ride – from a major American city. Ahhhhhh… Greater san Diego.

    As for Clink Room brick-and-mortar locations: Santa Monica, CA (on the 3rd Street Promenade or Main Street)… Providence, RI (plenty of Rhode Island School of Design students to man the shop)… Newport, RI (a summertime seasonal store on Bowen’s Wharf)… Chicago, IL (the quintessential American city)…

  6. I’d suggest Chicago, but you obviously hate the cold as much as I do. Bucktown would be your potential neighborhood location, though.

  7. I know this doesn’t stand a chance, but how about Rochester, NY? Maybe you can fill the void that Kodak left by laying off so many people. We need you here! And, you would be a hour away from New Era in Buffalo. And, 1.5 hours away from visiting your Sky Chiefs designs in Syracuse.

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