Halloweenies- Talespin Edition

Here’s a Halloween treat for you – As you probably know, Jason and I have been best friends and collaborators since kindergarten. One of our best collaborations? While it’s cool to make a costume of your favorite cartoon character – Jason and I decided to deck-out the whole neighborhood in Talespin costumes.

A little paper-mache, hot-glue, a few of patient parents. Bada-bing-bada-boom-guess who’s kicking in your front door for candy? Baloo, Don Karnage (Played by Jason), Louie (Played by Me! You can’t see my extendo-orangutan-arms with mechanical claws to operate the hands, damn.), Wildcat, and Shere Khan. Special thanks to Greg (the dude on the far left) who decided that we needed a body guard. Yeah, that makes sense.

Kick this Halloween weekend’s ass everyone! (And be safe, no razor blade popcorn balls.)


7 thoughts on “Halloweenies- Talespin Edition

  1. DUDE! Totally awesome. I loved me some Tailspin. I built that plane out of Legos so many times lol.

    “Spin it let’s begin it bare and grin it when your in it you can win it in a minute when you spin it spin it spin it!”

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