Chupacabras and Pollos – Still on Sale!

Now that New Era will be making all of our collaboration hats into the foreseeable future, we want to turn the page on the experiment that was the first run of Chupacabras and Pollos Terrible. (How fun would it be to see these designs in a 59/50? Maybe!?) Well, if you grabbed one of these guys already, you know how cool they are in real life. All those bells and whistles really made them something special. So grab em while the grabbin’s good. And at only $25! Plus you get the new patch! The rent may be too damn high but the price of these hats ain’t.

Click here to grab yours…

More Pirate Charlies- Now Available

The Charleston Charlies (West Virginia) was the Pittisburg Pirates AAA franchise from 1971 to 1976.

Many Charleston residents will fondly remember the logo of the Charlies ā€“ a smiling baseball wearing a derby hat while smoking a cigar. And check this out: The logo appeared on the front page of the Charleston Gazette displaying a smile if the Charlies won, or a frown if the Charlies lost!

This mash-up concept cap pays tribute to the Charlies and their 1970sā€™ Pirates affiliation.

Grab your Pirate Charlie X Pittsburg Pirates Official On-Field hat here…

Remember, each and every hat purchase includes this bad-ass removable sticker patch.

Everett AquaSox B.T.S -Pt. 2

More AquaSox Behind the scenes. as always thanks to everyone who grabbed an AquaSox X Seattle Mariners official on-field.

This round features the frog sox that eventually came to be one of the teams official hats. Also, more variations on the Minor League classic frog and a nod to the Navy base in Everett with the frog replacing the eagle in the Navy Seals inspired logo.