Clean Up

So many fun photos swirling around the Clink Universe. Lets get through a few…

Jason with Clinker Dave who came out to say hi at the Omaha Storm Chasers’ unveiling. 10 sharks had to die to make Jason’s jacket.
Look at this great Clink Kong Helmet! Does anyone know who made this?
Check Travis’ hat design he did for his High School, classic right? Great work Travis!
I think this photo’s from England. I’ve been watching a lot of Top Gear lately so the idea that the Top Gear hosts might see this cap, and hate on it, is awesome.
And this makes me want to eat second breakfast.

Obsessives – Offal

Happy Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday. Food, football, napping, more food. To help put us in the mood here is another video from featuring Chris Cosentino, chef at San Francisco’s Incanto restaurant and offal evangelist. What is offal? It’s all the nasty great bits. I succumbed to this trend when it really hit Brooklyn’s food scene. And I’m a better man for it.

What am I thankful for? Many things, but a big one is you guys. You make life more fun and that’s a great thing. Thanks as always! Now, go get your calorie comma on.

Kevin – Just Do Work!

We get asked a lot, “Can you give me any tips on designing, getting into this business and how do you come up with unique ideas?” Kevin gives us a master class is how it’s done. Get an idea, and work it till you can’t work it any further, put it down, and then work it again. And then repeat, repeat, repeat. Really inspirational stuff. Kevin put together a great PDF with even more work and a narrative of how it went down. Download the PDF here… Support work by grabbing a Kevin designed hat and tee here

Rebranded – Altoona Curve

Jason and I are proud to introduce the rebranded Altoona Curve. There are a ton of hidden symbols infused into this new brand. I know we’re only showing you the primary. I’m going to save my favorite part of this redesign for a later post when I can illustrate it more clearly. I’ll just say that it’s one of the coolest twists to an Official On-Field that we’ve ever created. Big ups to the guys in Altoona for going for it.

Bill’s Chicklets Now Available!

Bill’s Chicklets now available here

If there can be one thing said about this cap, it’s that Grandma is going to love it when you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner sporting it across the table from her.

The Chicklets cap is our first Skate Shop League team, designed by Bill Riggins of San Diego, CA. Clinkers from around the world submitted an imaginary team name, backstory and cap design for our fictional “Skate Shop League.” Bill’s Skate Shop cap was voted as a winning design by The Clink Room community. The Skate Shop League was named by Josh Slay, also born of a Clink community collaboration. It provided fertile territory for Clink’s designers to create another great League, this time, celebrating Skate culture.

Crafted by New Era, this cap features a bigger-badder removable patch sticker with each purchase. Guess where it’s designed to fit.

Why no tee to match? We’re instituting a new policy for now. If your hat sells out and we reorder, then well do a tee. This will let us get through more contest winners, more quickly. Cool?