Flying Squirrels Wins Logo of the Year

Found out last week that Ballpark Digest, a great baseball insider site, voted the Richmond Flying Squirrels their logo of the year. We’re flattered! Read the article hereThey also mentioned Everett’s redesign (available here…) and the Clink Room favorite Pirate Charlie (available here). Thanks Ballpark Digest!


7 thoughts on “Flying Squirrels Wins Logo of the Year

  1. I gotta admit, I only became a baseball fan really a year ago. So when I picked up MLB 2K10 I immediately started a my player with a random team. As soon as my AA team took to the field against that Flying Squirrels logo.

    I Quit.

    I went back to the menu and I erased my player.

    And then I started a new one as a member of the Giants, just so I could be on that team.

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