Bill’s Chicklets Now Available!

Bill’s Chicklets now available here

If there can be one thing said about this cap, it’s that Grandma is going to love it when you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner sporting it across the table from her.

The Chicklets cap is our first Skate Shop League team, designed by Bill Riggins of San Diego, CA. Clinkers from around the world submitted an imaginary team name, backstory and cap design for our fictional “Skate Shop League.” Bill’s Skate Shop cap was voted as a winning design by The Clink Room community. The Skate Shop League was named by Josh Slay, also born of a Clink community collaboration. It provided fertile territory for Clink’s designers to create another great League, this time, celebrating Skate culture.

Crafted by New Era, this cap features a bigger-badder removable patch sticker with each purchase. Guess where it’s designed to fit.

Why no tee to match? We’re instituting a new policy for now. If your hat sells out and we reorder, then well do a tee. This will let us get through more contest winners, more quickly. Cool?


4 thoughts on “Bill’s Chicklets Now Available!

  1. Patch is awesome. I am saddened to hear about the tee policy, however I understand it from a business standpoint – and if it aids in getting the caps produced faster I am behind it.

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