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We get asked a lot, “Can you give me any tips on designing, getting into this business and how do you come up with unique ideas?” Kevin gives us a master class is how it’s done. Get an idea, and work it till you can’t work it any further, put it down, and then work it again. And then repeat, repeat, repeat. Really inspirational stuff. Kevin put together a great PDF with even more work and a narrative of how it went down. Download the PDF here… Support work by grabbing a Kevin designed hat and tee here


4 thoughts on “Kevin – Just Do Work!

  1. Thanks for posting my scribbles, Casey!
    Just some notes on my process: I find it easier (and quicker) for me to work out more finished thoughts on the computer where I can easily scale and edit objects, so I use my sketches as very down-and-dirty brainstorming sessions. I don’t put much effort into making them looking like anything more than they do in the above posting. Once I have my scribbled direction down, I go to Illustrator and work and rework the hell out of it until I get something I like. I am also a fairly decisive person—once I find my direction, I generally get right to it and don’t waffle much. The attached pdf shows the entire process from Taco to finished Chili Pepper. It has two additional directions that I proposed to Casey when it was decided that a hat with a taco on it might not be a top seller. The pdf is just a basic planogram—sorry I didn’t design it all up. I wasn’t sure how Casey wanted to present everything. If I knew it was posted verbatim, I would have dressed it up! Ha. Hope you all enjoy. Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. I feel that the stem on the final rendering goes better with the design (more natural looking) than the stem on the produced version of the hat, but overall, it’s a sweet design. Great job Kevin.

  3. I Love the full version of the Taco Bull personally.

    Why did you go for the all black hat? I liked the red and green version much better. I’d have been way more likely to buy that one.

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