Clean Up

So many fun photos swirling around the Clink Universe. Lets get through a few…

Jason with Clinker Dave who came out to say hi at the Omaha Storm Chasers’ unveiling. 10 sharks had to die to make Jason’s jacket.
Look at this great Clink Kong Helmet! Does anyone know who made this?
Check Travis’ hat design he did for his High School, classic right? Great work Travis!
I think this photo’s from England. I’ve been watching a lot of Top Gear lately so the idea that the Top Gear hosts might see this cap, and hate on it, is awesome.
And this makes me want to eat second breakfast.


4 thoughts on “Clean Up

  1. I made the Clink Kong helmet and posted it to the Facebook page. I got bored one day at work and used a helmet template from Fraser Davidson. By the way, I still mean to take a photo of myself with my Taco Bulls stuff, I just keep running out of time (and don’t know what I want to do for the photo).

  2. The jacket is classic.

    And Kevin, I love the way the Clink Kong logo looks on the helmet. Makes me want to see some sort of expansion football team use this. I think it would fit perfectly in that sport.

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