Introducing – Omaha Storm Chasers

Jason and I are proud to announce the unveiling the Omaha Storm Chasers. The Omaha Storm Chasers are the Triple-A Affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. The team had been named the Royals, but with the advent of a new stadium it was time to give Omaha’s hometown team a name of it’s own. We tried to keep it as Major League as possible with the tornado character there to inject a little Minor League fun into the equation. The “O” with the lighting bolt looks so excellent on a cap. Ah heck, they all look great in person. We’re really happy with the wordmarks as well. I was particularly happy with that “Omaha”. It’s going to give the uniforms a really clean look.

Meet Jason in Omaha!

Jason will be in Omaha tonight as the franchise unveils the results of its name-the-team contest. Exciting stuff. Unfortunately, I won’t be there. But don’t fret, we’ll have meet ups in the future.

Go to the Embassy Suites – LaVista at tonight, Monday, November 15 at 5:00 pm to mess-up Jason’s perfectly coifed hair for me.

Taco Bulls – Launch Video

Finally! This makes Kong the official spokesman for Clink. Like our very own studio elf. These are really fun for us. We look at them as a chance to learn something new. With this video, we wanted to animate a character. I worked on it in my free time at night with my new baby strapped to me in his sling. Animate, burp, animate, change a diaper. Some parts are a little crude but we’ll get better the next time around. Sorry for the wait Kevin, hope you dig it! (Thanks also to T.J.’s Kong illustration for the inspiration.)

The Clink Room’s – Taco Bulls from The Clink Room on Vimeo.

Not that you need a reminder but Kevin’s Taco Bulls are now available here

Rebranding the Asheville Tourists

A couple days ago the Asheville Tourists unveiled their new identity that Jason and I did for them. The Tourists have one of the oldest, and awesome, names in Minor League Baseball. When the Dewine family purchased the team last year, they called us up to rebrand the classic franchise and we were honored to take the job. Asheville is a great town full of character and characters. So there was plenty of imagery to draw from.

The game we went to was at night and it felt like summer camp. The moon and stars were out, people were mixing and socializing all over the stands, and everyone’s hands were dyed red from eating some of the best barbecue in the country. We wanted to capture that summertime energy. We also wanted to play off the infamous moonshiner runs that snaked through that part of the country. When we realized that no pro-sports team uses a moon as an icon we knew we were onto something (and yes the moon glows-in-the-dark). It’s one of the most whimsical identities we’ve ever done. Even the font we created is inspired by the beautiful arts and crafts architecture. We need to get some Tourists merch in the Clink store soon…

Underground Art Show

Literally underground. This reminds me of the abandoned subway station underneath Pratt Institute, where I went to school. You had to follow all these tunnels that started in the boiler room. We’d go down there after a few beers and scare the $#*! out of each other. One time we were down there and all of the sudden a radio turned on in the distance. We all had to go back to our apartments and change our underwear.

Anyways, this article and video is great.

Taco Bulls – Now Available

Jason and I are headed to Santa Barbara for the weekend to celebrate the wedding of one of our best buddies (Congrats Mike and Veronica!). Normally we drop new products on Sundays, but we thought we’d try something new. So….

NOW AVAILABLE! Our first collaboration contest cap designed by Kevin Werther. The Taco Bulls’ release represents the end of a long drawn-out process but we’re excited to begin the next chapter in Clink’s history. Have we mentioned that all or collaboration hats are going to be made by New Era from now on? Did we?

Taco Bulls now available!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention this badass tee that we made to go along with this drop. The Taco Bull in it’s full glory the way God and Kevin intended. A little allusion to a certain basketball great to add to the sizzle. Grab the tee here.

Kick this weekend’s ass everyone. PS. To everyone who digs our little videos that we do for each drop. Don’t fret. We’ve got one cooking and will unveil it next week.

Miss Brooklyn

Lots to love about Brooklyn, the food, the parties, the smell. Brooklyn is like Manhattan without the tourists. You know, better. There are so many awesome species that make up the Brooklyn flora and fauna. One of those is tall bikes. Check this slide show from NYMag of the Bike Kill block party. When I first started dating my wife, she lived one block from where this went down. I can smell the beer and B.O. now. Who says no one’s doing anything interesting anymore.

In Da Studio-udi-o

A few selections of what we’ve been listening to in the studio.

Nick Cave and his band of badasses give us Grinderman‘s second effort. And it kicks in whatever was left of your teeth since the first album. Only with a cooler music video (NSFW). I’m loving the track “Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man”, ah the whole thing is great. I wish I had the guts to be half the artist that Cave is.

Also hailing from the land of the badasses comes Mishka’s Keep Watch Mix XXI. Now most of these Keep Watches are a necessary part of my studio week. But this one reached inside of me and tickled all the right places at first listen. Very hard to do. Oh, and it’s free.