Steven the Dreamweaver

It’s not often that I run across a reason to be insanely jealous. It’s not that I have everything I want or that I don’t aspire for things or experiences that others have. I think I just focus on what’s on my plate or in my future and that seems to be good enough for me. That being said, it happens. And Steven from Toronto just zinged me a good one. Just look at this place!!

It’s an entire man-cave dedicated to his memorabilia collection (with video game lounge of course). And that collection features the largest body of New Era’s I have ever seen! So impressive.

Each one of these cubbyholes is like 10 caps deep! Each drawer or shelf below the cubbies is like 2 rows deep! I know a few Clink caps are in the mix here but it would be like “Where’s Waldo?” to find the things.

I love an obsessive. I think one of the big problems with modern society is that the options are so endless no one can pinpoint exactly what they want so no one gets what they want. But Steven is our laser beam. Well done Steven, you’re an inspiration. I’ve been talking with Nai at Strictly Fitteds about Steven and his collection and hopefully Nai will present an in depth look at Steven’s collection, his selection process, etc. Can’t wait.

Um… Santa just called and said that a new league starts tomorrow!?


6 thoughts on “Steven the Dreamweaver

  1. While I like the room, what’s the point of having cubby holes and drawers 10 hats deep. It means you’re only ever seeing 10% of your collection. The same with the jerseys hanging sideways.

  2. Like a museum, you rotate the collection. That’s what I’m going to do with my vintage Star Wars action figure room that I have to build now.

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