Kong Immortalized in Flesh!

Our first Clink inspired tattoo! I know that great brands like Mishka, The Hundreds and Benny Gold are awash in tattoos inspired by their brand. And I’ve drawn more tattoos for friends than I can count. But this is really special. Clink Kong, heck Clink itself is created and perpetuated by all you Clinkers out there. Now we’ve got Clink tattoos to look forward to, hot damn. I think I need to get a Kong on me now. Jay, can we write that off as a business expense?Lets take a look at the birth of Jes’ Clink Kong tattoo. Jes operates a clothing/skate shop called Conspiracy out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Go check out his new Kong piece in person here or follow the Conspiracy blog here. Jes, be sure to plug your tattooist in the comments.


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