Call for 150 Club – Blind Cave Shrimp

The Bowling Green Blind Cave Shrimp Edition cap drops this Sunday, January 2nd! Finally!That means we need to open The 150 Club. We love the idea of you guys owning a specific number in the Edition. Before we drop the Blind Cave Shrimp Edition on Monday, we’re opening up the 150 Club to new members. Here’s how it works…

• If you have an Edition tag number that you want reserved for you, send us an email requesting the tag number and your size. We will confirm or decline the request. If it’s confirmed, you’re in the The 150 Club. If it’s declined, it’s because that number’s been taken. You may resubmit your request for a tag number as many times as it takes.

Send your requests here…

Casey & Jason

• When a Edition drops, you will see an option under the size selection menu that says “The 150 Club”. Select that option when buying. We’ll know your name and will have reserved your size and Edition number.

• There are no reto-active claims to numbers. If you join the 150 Club then you own that number from this Edition on. For instance, we can’t give you #67 in a 7 1-4 for the Tulsa Edition.

• We will reserve your Edition number (in your name and your size) for one week after the drop.

• This is for collectors, people that want to have every Edition cap that we drop. If you don’t buy your Edition cap in that first week then your cap will get dumped into the regular inventory and you will be removed from the The 150 Club. I understand that that may sound a little ruthless, but this is an exclusive club.

• The 150 Club only pertains to the signed and numbered Editions. Not the other products that we offer.

Deadline to request membership into the 150 Club for the Blind Cave Shrimp Edition is before the end of the day Monday, January 3rd. Thanks to all the current 150 Club members for they’re loyalty – we love you!


2 thoughts on “Call for 150 Club – Blind Cave Shrimp

  1. I am interested in the 150 club, I recommend that we can either prepay a year in advance or auto charge our credit when the new version comes out. That way I dont have to be around when the new hat drops. I want numbers #12, #22 or #1

    I would prefer to know that the hat just show up like the hat of the month club.

  2. Love the hat.
    You should definately make a shirt to go along with this. I still dont get how a name like hot rods beat the cave shrimp!

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