Free Shipping Festivus!

Today, through Sunday the 19th at mid-night The Clink Room is helping you top off your Christmas shopping with Free Shipping Festivus! Free shipping on all orders (Yes, even international!) Placed between now and Mid-night on Sunday the 19th.

I CAN’T guarantee that you’ll get you shipment by Christmas. BUT, I think we stand a damn good chance – we’ll ship first thing Monday morning and we’ll even ship them all Priority to help increase our odds. Now your asking “But what if it doesn’t get there by Christmas?” Simple, get a refrigerator box wrap it up with the craziest garlands and decorations you can find and stick a print-out of the hat or tee that you got for them in the box. When they open the thing it’ll be an emotional roller coaster. “Wow you got me something huge (Happy). Oh no it’s just a print-out (Sad). But it’s the new Chicklets hat I’ve been pineing over (Happy).” In fact, this guy just heard about Free Shipping Festivus and couldn’t control his excitement. Either that or he just drank a big bowl of Christmas cheer.

Here’s the true Free Shipping Festivus! logo for all of you devoted Festivus followers who cried foul from us removing the pole from Festivus. Festivus for the rest of us!

Winter Meetings Round-Up Pt. 2

And this is the final result. Typical limos or Hummer limos just weren’t big enough so we opted for 2 limo buses! The Jason bus and the Casey bus (the Casey bus was way better). It felt like Jason and I were competing with Mickey for attention every time we pulled up to the terminal and the hotel. And as hosts we had to rock the full white tux.
We picked up over 150 people over the course of the day. Before the day had begun Jason and I had a conversation about what percentage of people would be rocking the tux tees. He said 25% I said 10%. 90% were sporting them! 90%! I love you baseball.Here are the guys from the Lake Elsinore Storm, Single-A for the San Diego Padres. These guys always put on a master class in partying. Even some pole dancing.

Winter Meetings Round-Up Pt. 1

Jason and I were at the 2010 Winter Meetings all last week. We thought we’d show you a look behind-the-scenes of what we did to celebrate Plan B.’s 10th Anniversary and to thank all our clubs that we work with and are so grateful for.

We started off with the invitations. Each person who reserved a spot on the limo got one of these tees in the mail a week before the Meetings.

Over the last few months Jason and I have been preparing all sorts of goodies for the limo ride. Printed napkins and balloons. We even commisioned Paul from The No Problem to create this animation that would run on a loop on all of the video monitors in the limos.

Plan B. Branding – 2010 Winter Meetings from The Clink Room on Vimeo.

Once we got to Orlando we hit the booze store. Did you know people that work in baseball like to drink? Yeah-a lot. Mid-afternoon we ran out and had to restock.

We even had an iPhone App created just to help us coordinate our pick-ups and drop-offs. Crafted by Scott Davis at Critical Technologies Group, this app tells you when the party’s plane has landed by connecting to the FAA’s logs, if they’ve been picked-up and dropped-off, you can text or call them straight from the App, it even tells you what drink they prefer so that we can have the right beverage ready for them when they step on the limo.

B.T.S. – Tourists Pt. 4

These are fun to do. I like designing within tight parameters. An “A” monogram is fun because it has a lot of character built into it’s structure. Some of these teepee inspired options are fun. The double crossbar is another nod to the arts & crafts architecture of the area. I think we retained a lot of it’s character in the curlycue crossbar version.

Both of these look so great on a cap.

B.T.S. – Tourists Pt. 2

BBQ, the bear, and the Babe. Did you know Babe Ruth played at McCormick Field? Pretty cool. And when we found out that the name Tourists came from the locals nicknaming the team that because it was made up of players from around the country. We thought that the Babe would be the penultimate Tourist. It would make a great sleeve-patch. I love that little rib/butcher guy. In the end we got ribs in identity which I consider a small personal victory.

Parts 3 and 4 next week. Kick this weekend’s ass everyone!

B.T.S.- Tourists Pt. 1

Lets kick-off one of our many in a line of behind-the-scenes. Starting with the Asheville Tourists, Single-A Affiliate of the Colorado Rockies.

Asheville was certainly one of the greatest towns that we’ve ever visited. The food, countryside, and vibe are great. Did I mention the food? Mmmm…BBQ. When Jason and I were at the game, we kept thinking “,This is whole game-time scene has a summer camp vibe.” So we ran with that, BBQ, and a few of the historical Tourist’s icons like the bear as we hit the drawing board. The moon was also attractive as an icon because we couldn’t think of another team that had made that their primary icon.

Tomorrow, more trying to figure out what a Tourist is.

Caught in the Act

I love me some Strictly Fitteds Caught in the Act. And check who made the latest version here

Showing some Chupacabra love while you’re getting your body decorated. Love it. Of all my tattoos the chest piece was the worst. So painful. It felt like the needle was drilling into my heart.

I’ve got a proposition for all ya all. The first 3 guys to send me photos of their Clink inspired tattoos get $250 worth of stuff from the Clink store, you know, free.

Also, Asheville Tourists Behind-the-Scenes starts tomorrow!

In Da Studio: Christmas Edition

We love us some Christmas music here in tha Clink Room. And while the classics like Andy Williams are always good for warming the cockles of the heart these two albums really get me in tha spirit of da season.

This reminds me of my childhood as much as anything in my iTunes. Funny, fun, goofy, touching. I dare you to listen to “Christmas is Coming” and not crack even the tiniest of smiles. Check it here

I found this a few years ago and has become a classic in the family. There are a few duds on here but it’s a surprisingly solid album. “Christmas Stylee” by Johnny Osbourne & the Family Group should be on rotation on all of your playlists. Check it here

Introducing the Sugar Land Skeeters

Jason and I are proud to introduce to you the Sugar Land Skeeters. Hailing from the great State of Texas these guys will take the field in 2012. The name Skeeters was not only an incredible fit for the town of Sugar Land (Say it with a Texas twang and tell me it’s not perfect.) but just about one of the greatest names for a minor league team that I can think of.

It was a fun project to work on and Opening Day Partners, the guys that own and run the team, have so many great plans for that community. Sugar Land and the Skeeters will become a legendary baseball destination in no time. Behind-the-Scenes coming soon!