Raging Wheelers – Now Available!

The Raging Wheelers cap is our third Skate Shop League team and the first cap designed by Stefan Dukaczewski of Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

Clinkers from around the world submitted an imaginary team name, backstory and cap design for our fictional “Skate Shop League.” Stefan’s Skate Shop cap was voted as a winning design by The Clink Room community.

Crafted by New Era and features an exclusive sleave-patch sticker.

The Skate Shop League was born of a Clink community collaboration. It provided fertile territory for Clink’s designers to create another great League, this time, celebrating Skate culture.

Red Eye Fight

A big apology to everyone for the long wait. We’re hustling to get all these entries out. There are a lot of them and more pouring in each day. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience.

Chris! I’ve been on that flight! Jet Blue non-stop from San Diego to JFK is my jam. I love this rendering style. It’s really fun. I love the colors the font styling. Everything. It would be fun to use the “RE” with different countries in the background. One-n-Done! Lets see another.

Szabolcs! Another great concept. The pillow being held by a taped up hand is a brilliant touch. I love the idea of a pillow come to life. I want him to have a mouth though. I’m thinking you should use the villain from “Nightmare Before Christmas” as a reference. And forget having a dude’s hand swinging the pillow. Make the taped up hands the hand of the pillow creature. Great start!

Detroit Insomniacs

Dennis! I love this concept and this character. Are the black strokes behind him supposed to be tire marks? They could be a cool addition. I’m just not sure what they are. My only other comment is that the small horns on his forehead read like sweat drops. Can you define them better? Epic start to an epic concept!

Elvis! I love this guy. I’m a little worried that he looks a little too like the monkey from the Family Guy. How can you change him up to make him different? I like the caveman clubs as baseball bats concept, but I’d push them a little closer to bats. Maybe adding the butt of the bat on there would do that? Also, great start!

I wish I could get through more of these but we’re just swamped with work. More per day next week. Promise. Keep up the great commenting as well!

Oily Duffing Bar Flies

Dustin! Really nice color way. Feels like the rust belt. Jason and I are suckers for anything Americana. Cowboys, wildcatters, Civil War stuff…everything. I like the story you’ve written, about the guys working all night. Besides the moon and stars, can we find another symbol that tells us this town is working overtime? Maybe the derrick needs to be gushing? Can we light it dramatically like T.J. suggested yesterday for the Moonlighters entry? Great start!

David! What a great character and story! Love this! I want a whole comic book series about this guy. The only thing I’d do is add a few shine marks to the golf club. It’s metal, right? So it should pick up some of that moonlight no problem. Other than that, one-n-done! Great weird story!

Anthony! YES! I was hoping someone would tackle this team name. And You’ve done a great job of it. The only thing I’d change is his mouth. Is that the drunkest mouth we can give him? A tongue, a little slack-jaw maybe? Great start!

The entries are racking up now. Thanks for everyone’s patience!

Moonlighting Haymaking Runners

David! This is a great icon to attempt to capture on a hat. A concert with lighters and cell phones sprinkled throughout the crowd is so iconic of modern concert going. I guess that’s what’s missing in this design – that magic that the effect creates. Somewhere between a field of fireflies, ships at sea, you know, magical. It could be the way you light it, what you choose to omit. Does that make sense? Great start! Great concept!

Anthony! The Haymakers is one of those names that Jason and I have been keeping in our back pocket for a longtime. It’s one of those names that holds a modern meaning, as well as a retro- Rolling Stogies, Cabinet Makers style team name of the past. I think your on to something with this design. First we need to get rid of the text, next I think we need to add something. Like make the swinging fist the crossbar of the “H” or maybe a comic book style splat mark at the front of the fist. More teeth, more blood perhaps? Great start!

Matthew! THIS is a great name, a great design and a great story. I love this! Definitely a canidate for a one-n-done. Maybe ditch the Jordan’s? I just love the gangster hiding in the barrel as an image. Great work!