Moonlighting Haymaking Runners

David! This is a great icon to attempt to capture on a hat. A concert with lighters and cell phones sprinkled throughout the crowd is so iconic of modern concert going. I guess that’s what’s missing in this design – that magic that the effect creates. Somewhere between a field of fireflies, ships at sea, you know, magical. It could be the way you light it, what you choose to omit. Does that make sense? Great start! Great concept!

Anthony! The Haymakers is one of those names that Jason and I have been keeping in our back pocket for a longtime. It’s one of those names that holds a modern meaning, as well as a retro- Rolling Stogies, Cabinet Makers style team name of the past. I think your on to something with this design. First we need to get rid of the text, next I think we need to add something. Like make the swinging fist the crossbar of the “H” or maybe a comic book style splat mark at the front of the fist. More teeth, more blood perhaps? Great start!

Matthew! THIS is a great name, a great design and a great story. I love this! Definitely a canidate for a one-n-done. Maybe ditch the Jordan’s? I just love the gangster hiding in the barrel as an image. Great work!


10 thoughts on “Moonlighting Haymaking Runners

  1. On the lighters, I would say you need a really dramatic light source, the fingers should be illuminated by the flame only, I think you can make this really cool looking. Did you try hinting at more lighters behind the main logo? That might be cool too, give a sense of togetherness an magic.

    The haymakers has a issue with the perspective, as the above poster mentioned. I actually like the idea of the knocked out tooth, I wonder how it would look just having the knocked out tooth in a pool of blood shaped as an H. If you stick with the fist perhaps go with a more realistic and gnarled fist, I don’t think the Mickey type fist goes as well with your idea.

    The runners is cool but I really think you can lose the shoes. You nailed it with the gangster hat and the barrel, and the sneakers detracts from the great imagery you got here. I think with a bit more tweaking with the barrel proportions and the hat band, this will hit hard. Nice job.

  2. Love the Haymakers! I would loose the text and flip the arm but other then that it looks sick! Maybe incorporate “DH” in there somewhere. Cool story. Love the Mickey hand, its a funny and ironic offset to the violent nature of the design.


  3. If the hand was flipped on the haymakers theres more detail/interest to the inside palm with the thumb etc. I’m not sold on the blood drops however.

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