Oily Duffing Bar Flies

Dustin! Really nice color way. Feels like the rust belt. Jason and I are suckers for anything Americana. Cowboys, wildcatters, Civil War stuff…everything. I like the story you’ve written, about the guys working all night. Besides the moon and stars, can we find another symbol that tells us this town is working overtime? Maybe the derrick needs to be gushing? Can we light it dramatically like T.J. suggested yesterday for the Moonlighters entry? Great start!

David! What a great character and story! Love this! I want a whole comic book series about this guy. The only thing I’d do is add a few shine marks to the golf club. It’s metal, right? So it should pick up some of that moonlight no problem. Other than that, one-n-done! Great weird story!

Anthony! YES! I was hoping someone would tackle this team name. And You’ve done a great job of it. The only thing I’d change is his mouth. Is that the drunkest mouth we can give him? A tongue, a little slack-jaw maybe? Great start!

The entries are racking up now. Thanks for everyone’s patience!


11 thoughts on “Oily Duffing Bar Flies

  1. I really like the after dark duffers, theres something very “Jetsons” about it. I love the two tones for where the tortch is, not osld on the beam breaking up, is there something interesting that could be done with the beam? Maybe writing in it? I don’t like the moon either, its not needed, the stars still convey night… even the dark colours convey its dark.

  2. Thanks for the feedback, guys! Ash, those are good points. And Ry Co: I did think about giving him checkered pants, but that may have seemed too busy. And Warfare Chris: good point on the shoes.

  3. I really am impressed by all the designs that the contests come up with and I’d love to try some out, but do not have the artistic or computer abilities to design anything. If anyone can design, I have an idea that might be fun for this Night League. I’d like to see a team called the High Beams with the hat using baseballs for headlights & glow-in-the-dark stitching for the outer glow. Just a thought.

  4. That Oiler logo is awesome. I also like the sentiment about the townspeople. I can see the Oilers as a very tough team to play against (especially at home – especially a night game!).

    Guys, the entries this time are really almost all super incredible. I like the Oilers best of all (so far) but so many are great.

    Nice work

  5. ^Yeah, the Oilers’ logo and derrick are fantastic. Can you make the yellow thread glow-in-the-dark? I would definitely buy a few hats like this.

    Nice work!

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