Glenn! Done! Love this.

T.J. Done! Awesome.

T.J. Done! More Awesome? Equally awesome?


14 thoughts on “Done-Done-Done

  1. Glenn, sick skunk illustration! I wish I could draw like that. The green is the perfect accent color. It just says “stink” to me. Not sure I would personally wear it on a hat, but its amazing. It would make for a great t-shirt!

  2. Wow the first Boogie Men is EPIC(version 1.1). Both are great but I love that first version pose and “B” turntables. Great name too.

    The Skunks is also pretty sweet. The expression on his face is perfect.

    Wonderful showing today!!

  3. Thanks, I actually did a mock up of just the B in version 1.1 afterwards, I just couldn’t get the dual meaning I wanted with it though, but it could make a good secondary logo though.

  4. The Skunks is great, but I’m with Kevin I wouldn’t wear a hat with that on it. T.J. version 1.1 is awesome, the B turntables are rad!

  5. thanks for thumbs up!

    That Boogie Men V1.1 is super sharp T.J.
    i’m oldskool classic rock (hence the ol’fart skunk)
    but i’d love to slap that logo as a sticker on my synth case 😀

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