Detroit Insomniacs

Dennis! I love this concept and this character. Are the black strokes behind him supposed to be tire marks? They could be a cool addition. I’m just not sure what they are. My only other comment is that the small horns on his forehead read like sweat drops. Can you define them better? Epic start to an epic concept!

Elvis! I love this guy. I’m a little worried that he looks a little too like the monkey from the Family Guy. How can you change him up to make him different? I like the caveman clubs as baseball bats concept, but I’d push them a little closer to bats. Maybe adding the butt of the bat on there would do that? Also, great start!

I wish I could get through more of these but we’re just swamped with work. More per day next week. Promise. Keep up the great commenting as well!


5 thoughts on “Detroit Insomniacs

  1. Dennis: Dig the start, but I think the expression needs to be a bit more evil. Maybe shorten those top horns and make the eyes a bit less symetrical? The rendering is great, but it needs a little something to put it over the top.

    Elvis: I LOVE the story. but I think you need some contrasting color in the design to keep it from blending in together, and the ears seem to be a bit too big. Epic start, can’t wait to see the next version.

  2. I think that the Demons definitely use some defined tire tracks, I think that they are supposed to be burnout marks right now, but actuall tracks might work better. Ditch the little horns and I would agree with Jeff that he needs a bit more attitude. Good start.
    With the insomniacs, I think you will need some space between the head and the bats, maybe just a black outline around the head or something. Its a shame that we have to automatically connect this with Family Guy though. Even if you chose a different animal or even a different kind of monkey, a baboon or something might make this stand on its own a bit more

  3. Dennis, i was working on a similar idea, but it wasnt as good as yours, nice start! I would go with Casey’s suggestion and yeah get rid of the small horns, and turn the large horns into exhaust pipes maybe with flames shooting out? I think that would take it over the top.

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