Red Eye Fight

A big apology to everyone for the long wait. We’re hustling to get all these entries out. There are a lot of them and more pouring in each day. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience.

Chris! I’ve been on that flight! Jet Blue non-stop from San Diego to JFK is my jam. I love this rendering style. It’s really fun. I love the colors the font styling. Everything. It would be fun to use the “RE” with different countries in the background. One-n-Done! Lets see another.

Szabolcs! Another great concept. The pillow being held by a taped up hand is a brilliant touch. I love the idea of a pillow come to life. I want him to have a mouth though. I’m thinking you should use the villain from “Nightmare Before Christmas” as a reference. And forget having a dude’s hand swinging the pillow. Make the taped up hands the hand of the pillow creature. Great start!


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