Boston Night Slingn’ Owls

Brendan! EXACTLY what I had in mind for this redo. Bang up. Another please.

Redbeard! Argh! Pillow Talk Poets! So great! I love this character. He’s the perfect embodiment of that sleaze-bag who’s making his way around the bar. Perfect! I have a challenge for you, create a cap design that is the perfect segue to a pick-up line. OR even better, a pick up line in itself. Do it Redbeard, do it! As far as the design goes, like i said, I love the guy. But what if he was a little more retro? He might benefit from a little cuteness. And by benefit I mean appeal to women. Epic team name for the Night League! Great start.

Ryan! Coming on strong with the entries. Most excellent! Of course I love this team name. I think you might have a few competitors for this name coming down the pipe. But you’re the first so that’s something. I love this rendering. I think it’s great. But I think it doesn’t quite move to iconic. And with an animal head logo you have to take it from character to iconic. Look at some of the great NFL head logos out there. The Jaguars, the Texans, and the Bengals. They all manage to take the head of the animal and add just enough graphics to make it iconic. Great start!

Cocktail All-Nighter Sharks

Ryan! Really mucking up the system with this re-submission of pool sharks before we were able to post the first ones. Just teasing. Not only is this shark beautiful but I’d never want to discourage your enthusiasm. Really beautiful shark! I’d make the same changes mentioned in yesterday’s post. Paint this guy up like a billiard-ball and have him chomping through a shattering cue. What do you guys think, this shark or yesterday’s more cartoony version?

Corey! This kid reminds me of all the surf cartoons of my childhood. Really great. While I like the character and the narrative (You’ve captured the frantic rush that an all-nighter gives you). I’d like to see you find an icon that sums up this experience. The blood shot eyes, the emptied cans of caffeinated beverages, or what if your design embodied the quality of work that is produced when you do an all-nighter. A little half-assed, a little thrown together. Not sure how you make that work on a cap logo. But how great would it be if you looked at the logo and it looked like it was last minute? Taped together, everything’s an afterthought. Could be tough, but if you pulled it off I’d be impressed. Great start!

Tom! This is a fun idea and we’ve had a few neon concepts roll through here. I’d love to see at least on of these concepts done in thread, glow-in-the-dark thread to be exact. What we need from this concept or any concept using the neon sign as a jump-off, it context and story. What if you had a neon sign and part of it was burnt out making it spell or show something different. The burnt out part could be embroidered in the cap color. I also love the neon signs that animate something. Could we allude to that on a cap? This is a cool little icon but lets add some depth! Excellent!

The Stirrup Project

I got an email last week from Cash Collins, a Clinker from South Carolina. Works with (Started?) a charity, The Stirrup Project, to help benefit less fortunate Little Leaguers in the U.S. and the Dominican Republic. I know Jason and I will be throwing a few ducats his way and I want to encourage all the Clinkers out there to chip in as much as they can afford. He’s also looking for a designer to help him update the look of the charity’s website and logo (check that out here). I’m kinda in love with the site’s logo and simplicity now, but it could use a few tweaks. Is there anyone out there that could help Cash out with a few hours of their time. It’s going to what sounds like a great cause!

This is what the Stirrup Project’s website has to say about it’s mission…”If you are not familiar with the Stirrup Project, then I’m about to sum up the entire story for you in a few sentences. The Project was founded with the idea that everyone deserves a chance to play baseball, and that chance is not available for many. With the help of you, I want to give that opportunity that most of us were blessed with to some of those who are little less fortunate. Therefore, if you care about baseball please read on to see if you can help support the Project.

The Stirrup Project hopes to serve many in the future including those here in the homeland and in underdeveloped countries. Initially, the Stirrup Project has undertaken two initiatives to provide baseball equipment to the less fortunate. I have chosen the Dominican Republic as one of our first drop destinations because we all know how much the Dominicans love baseball. And also, the project is teaming with the Henry Aaron Dixie Youth League in Allendale, SC as the other initiative.

I want to help as many of these kids as I can have the chance to live out their dream by providing them with adequate baseball equipment. So help the kids out, donate to the project, buy a shirt, or send baseball equipment. It is for the kids. If you have questions or ideas, please contact me at the”

Thanks guys for any help that you can offer! Go to the Stirrup Project’s website to learn more…

Shark Crawlers

Thanks, as always, to everyone who grabbed Slay’s Walbats collaboration cap. I have a feeling that we’re going to run out of these guys, and once that happens that’s the last of that color-way. Ever. I really love the simplicity of the Walbats’ design. Can you guys come up with some other designs for the Night League that utilize that style? I want that. Back to work on the Night League!

Kevin! Gorgeous! Done. What’s next from the Werther camp?

Ryan! Another veteran throwing his hat back in the ring. Good on ya. The pool sharks is a brilliant name. And I love these characters and designs. This mark is solid and I really like it.

But, I think that I want to focus on the whole shark concept. I think it could be a really strong contender. What if the shark WAS the ball. All black and shiny with the markings of an 8-ball or whatever ball you choose. And he was destroying a cue. That way, you’ve crammed 2 or I guess 3 elements into the story. I love this little guy. Great start!

Walbats – Released from Its Cave!

The Walbats cap is our second Skate Shop League team and the first cap designed by Joshua Slay of Syracuse, NY. Clinkers from around the world submitted an imaginary team name, backstory and cap design for our fictional “Skate Shop League.” Josh’s Skate Shop cap was voted as a winning design by The Clink Room community.

Crafted by New Era and features an exclusive sleave-patch sticker.

The Skate Shop League was named by Joshua Slay, also born of a Clink community collaboration. It provided fertile territory for Clink’s designers to create another great League, this time, celebrating Skate culture.

And, Slay being the promoter that he is, took one of his 5 caps that he got as apart of his royalty package and took these excellent photos of one of his buddies skating in the cap. If you want to see a larger version of these go to the Clink Flickr pool to see them up close. Slay, I love these they feel grimy, and Gotham-esque. Excellent work!

AND, we’re working on a video for this cap. This week, promise. Just running a little behind. Swamped! Just Swamped.

Joshua Slay’s Walbats – Drops Sunday!

This is one of the best looking caps that we’ve seen come across our desks in a longtime. No lie. It’s one of those designs that looked good on the page but really blossomed into an all-star once it was on a cap. It’s like a cross between a superhero, big league club, and a horror flick.

AND! From now on, each of the collaboration caps includes an exclusive sleeve-patch. We’ll be designing each of these to fit the cap logos theme. Think of it as a small token of thanks for the designers of the cap as well as everyone who buys one. It’s got an adhesive back, so stick it anywhere. We’re super excited about this addition to the culture of the Clinkiverse.

I couldn’t wait on this…Henning, Clink’s #1 fan from Germany posted this great little snap shot of his Clink collection. So cool Henning! If you guys haven’t done it lately, go check out our Clinkers Around the World Flickr pool. It’s looking good.

Stargazing Nightmares

Speaking of collaborations, Joshua Slay’s Walbats sneak-peak tomorrow.

Glenn! Wow! The coolest! One-and-done! Love the use of color and silhouette. Love this expression. Love the details. Make the tongue a little longer maybe? Or ignore me. Epic entry Glenn. Lets see another.

Jeffe! As a preface, Jeffe had a pot leaf on the hat originally. I’ve got nothing wrong with weed. But on a hat, it’s cliche. Go to any mall in America and throw a rock and you’ll hit 10 hats with a pot leaf on em. But he also included a telescope/observatory sleeve patch that is really strong. So lets start there. How can we spice up this story? The Stargazers is a great name. What if you made the end of the telescope larger and put a big cartoon iris in the middle? Or what about a badass constellation hovering around it. Maybe spelling something out? Does anyone else have any ideas? I’ve seen a great hat that New Era did with an Astronaut on it. I love anything having to do with space exploration so it really geeked me out. Maybe ditch the white and tan outline and we could go for a really unique diorama style design?

ReRun Watchers

Sam! Back at it! Sam has his winning entry the Scrapes due to drop in a few weeks! Can’t wait for that. In the meantime, lets focus on the job at hand. The Rochester Reruns! I love this name. Perfect for the Night League. And while I like the design, I want more TV in it. Or maybe more insomnia in it. Or maybe both? TV has so many great icons that you could use. Especially old TV. Like that black and white indian(what’s that guy’s story?). That would make a great icon. What about an old antenna? That old indian is gold. Could be mistaken for a retro-collegiant logo. What do you guys think? Great start, but even better name Sam!

Derek! Someone’s been studying up on their word-marks. Very nice. I love the name and the A.M. worked into “Miami”. I think that’s your mealticket. Can we find a way to merge the moon and the whole “MiA.M.i” text? Maybe not. Maybe just that “MiA.M.i” on a cap real big. Even with the “M” and the two “i”s done in the same dark blue of the cap, raised of course. The same way you can see the un-illuminated areas on a digital alarm clock. Love this! Everyone’s names and stories are great for this League. People seem to be diggin deep.

More entries! More Entries! Go here for the info…

The Knockout Neon Aces

Michael! I like this name a lot. You get knocked out, you see stars. I would venture a guess that most fights happen at night. I think that’s what’s missing is that night connection in the design. I like how graphic and simple this is now. But I’d like to see it tied into the League a bit better. Stars and sparrows circling, executed in a silhouette. Anyone else have any ideas for Michael? Good start!

Kevin! I’m confused by this one. Normally your story is really clear but on this one I feel like I don’t know what direction we’re headed in. So were telling the story of high stakes/high rewards gambling? Shouldn’t you be the Las Vegas Whales? Someone design around that name and story. I’m not into gambling so maybe I don’t have a deep enough cache of gambling icons to help flesh out Kevin’s story. What do you guys think? I think we’ve got a lot of neon inspired designs coming down the pipe. I like it.