Clinkers Round tha Weeerld

Some great photos floating around out there.

Hayley in Sydney! Lots of Aussies reping Clink out there. We love you guys.

Ryan’s essentials… With a little help from Grimlock… because who couldn’t use a little desk/cube buddy? Steelers cup for water. Keys. Extra key (with hockey skate lace) for starting the truck in the cold mornings. Sharpies: both fine, and regular. Pencil. Scissors. Droid charger (Droid not shown, Droid held in hand taking pic. lol). Transformers comics for a mental escape and artistic inspiration. Random papers to sketch on.

Drew’s kid approves of his new Wheelers cap!

And Stefan in Ottawa in his cap in a square in the snow in a camera in a picture on your computer.


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