Orion Paper Wolves

Chris! Yes! I was hoping someone would do something with constellations. So many great stories to mine for ideas. I really like the classic simplicity of this design. I think that you could not connect the stars and it would have the same effect. Maybe ditch light blue outline so that the “O” is part of the night sky more? Is there another symbol of Orion that you could throw in there to help tell the story? Like I said simple is great so you could ignore that last comment. Great job!

Szabolcs! I like this guy. He’s the missing member of the Tick’s crew. He should have a paper airplane as a hang glider right? While I like the guy. I’m not sure he fits the Night League. I like the idea of a super hero. That fits great. Maybe try a different super hero? You could be on to something here!

William! A man after my own heart. Chewbacca is one of my favorite characters of all time. You know ever. But, I’m afraid, therein lies the problem. Can we de-Chewbacca-ize him? Not sure the dark lord Lucas would love an unlicensed Chewbacca hat. Go to it!


6 thoughts on “Orion Paper Wolves

  1. Dammit Chris! I was going to cook up a constellation one next! That’s twice now that someone has beaten me to an idea I wanted to try. I will probably still work it up, so please don’t be offended. I have research from a few weeks ago of some constellation ideas.

  2. teen wolf baby – I like it but the Chewbacca similarities are there like Casey said. To me he looks more lion-like than wolf-like, but again, what do I know.

  3. Wow the Orion “O” looks way to similar to the Baltimore Orioles Friday night logo. You can’t take credit for logos that are already being used !!!!

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