Hops Wolf

Chad! 3 HUGE entries here. Great work! Love the name, the execution and rendering style. The “H” on the lillie pad is gold and the word mark is solid as sunshine. But that frog head is where it’s at. I think that’s a one and done. My only thoughts are the baseball hat and the highlights. Baseball hat- good for a baseball team but could we come up with a better beer drinking hat? Maybe one of those beer can hats with two cup holders on the side? Or what about a German/Bavarian style hat? Not even sure those exsist. But the hat could be used to compel the story into infamy. The highlights, you don’t need most of them. Especially around the mouth. Takes him into turtle territory a bit. Epic entries!

Jesse! Another badass entry. The only thing I’d change is the mouth. Can we get that more open/scary? Beautiful job on this.


24 thoughts on “Hops Wolf

  1. Chad-AMAZING wordmark for Hops. Excellent shading on all of your entries. I fear that I might have one less chance to win now with these entries! There is some stiff competition. Great job!!!

  2. Hops is really nice. The lily pad H is cool and I actually like the eyes sticking out of the water mainly because of the tipsy expression it looks like the frog has with the bubbles over the head. – this puts a different twist on a familiar image. But I agree that the head is the strongest, Casey suggested a beer hat, I assume like this?:
    If so that could be hilarious and cool but if you did, I think the tongue would have to be adjusted because you would need space for the straw. I think the reason why the nose highlight is making it look turtle-ish is because its too sharp, I think youre gonna have to handle the highlights on the face similar to how you did on his lips, round them out and make em look wet. Nice job here.

  3. HOPS!! super sick, you’re really raising the bar with this Chad. I’m a huge beer fan, so this concept is not lost on me – love it. Make this guy the winner, I want all those hats.

  4. The HOPS frog version is GREAT! I read the suggestion to remove the baseball cap… Meh I kind of like it. I think that a beer can hat would be cheesy.. Maybe a miners hat with a light? or just no hat at all with something in the background?

  5. I can assure you all that I didn’t get the frog Idea from the Aquasox. I mean, what would anyone have done with a baseball playing frog? :) Of Course!!… Wrap his tongue around something, right? Besides, with all those sketches made, ANYTHING with a baseball playing frog would have been taken! :) I did send sketches too to show that I didn’t trace anything.

  6. WOW chad great entry! I really like the H logo and the frog head one. It kinda sucks to be over shadowed by such an amazing design though, but really good job.

    Also i agree that it kinda looks like a turtle but that wont be hard to fix. I think that a beer hat would be cheezy. Your design is really pushing me to make the design im working on now even better.

  7. Jesse – your werewolf rendering is the best of the lot, just take Casey’s advice and I think you got a winner. Go with the colorway you have on the hat….it’s the best.

  8. I probably shouldnt say this since i have a couple entries in myself but the “Washington Hops” entries are the best ones so far…. NICE WORK!!!

  9. The Hops entries are first-rate. I really dig the frog surfacing graphic!

    As for Werewolves, the current colorway displayed for the hat is the best one. Casey’s suggestion is a good one, and will be the final touch to make this one a strong contender.

    Great work, everyone!

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