Brawling Angler

William! Nighttime UNDER THE FREAKING SEA! Now that’s thinking. And this is a great logo and a great concept. One-n-done. I love it!

Efra! Another one-n-done. This is great! So much energy and character. Live the X on his chin, everything about him. Great work!


7 thoughts on “Brawling Angler

  1. Nooooooo! Someone else is doing an angler fish! Ive been working on one for weeks and never thought someone else would make one. Oh well when i finally post mine please dont think im copying you or any thing. You did a good job on yours.

  2. Thanks Casey, he is rather angular so I get the sleek comment. I’ll do another revise (have one in, but I’ll re-submit a final).

    Yeah!! Brawlers!! Love it bro, jealous I didn’t come up with it. I want that cap fer sure.

  3. Good entries in this post. The Brawlers is a funny take, and the design totally fits the name. Very well done!

    The Anglers is a very good concept, too. Maybe make the ball a little smaller? Aside from that, solid job!

    The 8 ball for the eye on the shark is a nice touch.

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys! Robert- I did have the head only as my initial idea but I felt it needed to tell the story so I added the upper body.
    David L. This is the best pool shark entry so far, I would suggest maybe adding some highlights to the sharks skin that and Casey’s suggestion will put it over the top!

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