Sleeper Werewolf Diners

Kevin! Back at it. I really like how you’ve switched it up with the rendering style. If you change this at all, don’t lose the way you’ve executed the design. I’m concerned with the height. A cap is a wide canvas and tall logos tend to look strange on a cap. This is a tall composition. I have a couple thoughts on how to resolve this. One option could be to use the concept of the blue cap making up the negative space of the werewolf and make it the hat and hair of the dude. Not sure how that would work but it might. The other thought could be to lower everything you’ve got here so that the dude’s eyes are peering over the wolf’s head. Thus lowering the moon as well. The last option could be to ditch the dude all-together and use the moon to create the shape of the wolf’s head instead of the dude’s cape. If I had to recommend one, I’d say play to this design’s strength. The wolf head. Make that the focus. But try a couple options if you like. Another epic start.

Patrick! Yes! I love this guy and the way you’ve rendered him. Your style is great. I love the expressiveness of his mouth. The only thing I want out of this design is to see an eye, closed of course. Great job on this!

Brian! I love this chick! I miss East Coast diner food. My favorite is Mike’s on Dekalb in Fort Green, Brooklyn adjacent from Pratt. I love the smoke becoming her hair. The colors and her expression is perfect. This is great! Way to tell a story. One-n-done! Lets see another!


6 thoughts on “Sleeper Werewolf Diners

  1. The height of my logo was definitely a concern. My original idea was to have the face of the werewolf appear where the face of the Victorian gentleman should be. But when I started rendering I noticed that the negative space in his cloak/jacket formed ears, so I went with it. I will try to revisit this to make it stronger. Based on some of your comments about earlier werewolf entries, I wanted to incorporate the human element. Its difficult to render a werewolf without having it just look like a wolf. I’ll see what I can come up with! What do you guys think about the colors? I wanted to do something different.

  2. Kevin, I dig this rendering style, I think it fits the subject matter perfectly. That said, I can’t see sticking without the green, it’s doing nothing for you here, go with a less garish color that pushes this horror theme. Seriously the wolf head freaked me out, it’s a great take and the dude is cool love style but yeah it’s kinda tall…the only thing I’m not feelin is the how the cape just stops? I think you should maybe work that ou different if you keep this composition. Also I would like to see the wolf shaggier on the sides, I know you tried to incorporate him in the cape. I would like to see this remain largely the same conceptually because of the duality and uniqueness of rendering. I’m sure u will figure it out the scale issues. Way to make the wolf fearsome as hell, he is very reminiscent of your clink kong.

  3. Thanks TJ! I appreciate the feedback. I had much more muted color options originally (olive, brown, gold) which I felt suited the Victorian era better, but I wasn’t sure how well they would go over. So, I tried to do a different color combo than what is usually presented here. I will reexamine the colors.

  4. Heavy Sleepers is great, cool render style.

    Jersey Diners – crazy good, I would give here blue eye shadow just to cheapin’ her up a little. The smoke as her hair – genius.

    The Werewolves – A lot going on here Kev, I like the guy almost without the wolf, maybe take his head as your main image, then make like half of his face wolf-like….that way it would have a better fit on the cap. My 2 cents.

  5. kevin i think your design is great…it can easily be adjusted to incorporate both the human element and the wolf design. I would personally bring the cape further down the sides of the wolf’s head, bring the human head down a little and shorten the cap just a bit. possibly moving the moon to incorporate both the wolf and human elements would incorporate them both together.
    heavy sleepers is cool, but i had to examine it before i figured out what it was.
    jersey diners is a cool concept and a great design, just not sure i would wear a cap with that on it.

  6. ^ David has a cool idea with the half/half face idea, I would be interested to see what that would look like with Kevins rendering style.

    Heavy sleepers is very creative, I never would have thought of a pig to illustrate it but it works, I would agree that a bit more is needed (eye perhaps) in order to make this jump out as what it is.

    Diners is really unique, it hits home and its very well rendered, I would probably agree with Martin that it might be a tough sell for a cap logo however.

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