Mt. Airy Owl Demons

Kenny! You have a great baseball name. I’m jealous. I’m really into the minimalist style you’ve got going here. And I like the “d” as the body concept. I think a capital “D” would work better though right? Kind shaped like an owl on a perch already. Keep that great head you’ve done here and put it on a capital “D”. Great work!

Dennis! Great job on these revisions! You’ve really fleshed this guy out in a great way. Full of character. Great work. What’s next?

Corey! Going for the difficult but rewarding lock-up concept. This is a scary abstract shape if there ever was one. It took me a little while to fully see the Predator-style skull that you’re going for here. I think what would tip it just a little further into skull territory is a rounded top and the inner 2 fangs to be a little shorter than the outer 2. Make sense? Great concept, can’t wait to see these changes.


7 thoughts on “Mt. Airy Owl Demons

  1. Im liken the grave yard skull. I could see it instantly but i do agree with caseys suggestions. I also think you could change the shading to emphasize the skull more.

  2. Dennis, really dig this entry the revisions u made are great but I would have liked to see the big horns as exhaust pipes.

    Corey, I agree with Jesse changing the shading could really help your design, and maybe add some eyes? Just dots nothing to complicated.

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