Insomniac Birdie

Kyler! This is great! I guess I was thinking that the worm would be put in a composition similar to an “S” on it’s side. While I like the curves now. The part of the worm that hangs down will make the logo proportionally taller. Make sense? Great work! Way to take criticism.

Elvis! Great job on these changes. Love the devil horns. Great work! What’s next?

Disneyland Home Movies

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while. It’s one of the most inspiring videos I’ve come across. These home videos were shot, edited and narrated by Robbins Barstow in 1956. The videos document Barstow’s family’s trip to Disneyland in it’s earliest days. It’s an incredible time capsule. These videos capture my imagination in a way that only the best movies can do. Jason and I are such nerds for this stuff. I can’t wait to take my son to Disneyland, I’d say in a year he’ll be ready. I’m already charging the Flip.

Below you’ll find the video that showcases Disneyland best. There are 3 others in the series. They’re also worth a look. (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 4)

A feel good start to kicking this weekend’s ass!

Midnight Duffer Owls

This is a solid grouping and a great way to top off another fun week of designs in The Clink Room.

Efra! Done. Double done. I love this guy. So proud. Done.

David! Great changes. I love this guy too. My Pops will want one of these caps. Done.

Kyler! The Knight Owls to end all Knight Owls. This in metalics! Just great! One-n-done.

Blake’s Bigger

This is Blake’s collection. I know there are only a few other dudes out there that can rival this. Blake, Clinkers around the World salute you for your support. I know Jason and I are grateful for your loyalty.

Blake is also a member of the 150 Club. He asked me about 150 Club perks, which we’ve been slow to materialize, I apologize for that. But we’re cooking something for you guys. Or anyone who’s as loyal as Blake. I’m talking to you Joey from Jersey, Henning from Germany, Javi from Iowa, and Patrick from Nevada!

Sudden Diggers

Kevin! This is cool! I really like this skull. That’s the strongest element of the design. I like the scythe and his sleeve making up the “S” but I’d like to see you try to make it read as an “S” without having to use the outlines to get there. That hand is great too. Maybe make the blade, the handle and his sleeve all white? Then ad a purple outline? If you wanted to push this concept I think you could have something great. Great start!

I think we’ve had an entry similar to this from Aaron Bird during the Reject League collaboration. I like this concept, a lot, but I still haven’t seen it executed just right. He needs to be pushing out of the dirt. But making that dynamic and not just a straight line across the bottom of the cap is tough. Maybe the hand is pushing out of an angled tear in the hat? That could be cool! Try that. The hand is excellent.

Owl Pillow

Szabolcs! This is a man who knows how to take criticism and run with it! I really think you’re onto something here buddy. I’d change a few things like make him look at the viewer and maybe make his mouth look like he’s growling more. Maybe more like he’s howling with the stitches becoming an allusion to saliva or teeth! Really great example of taking a concept to the next level! Way to go!

Ryan! The Night Owls’ fight is on. I like the jazzy cat allusions. Great work! Done.

Samm’s – Daily Essentials

Samm sent us his daily essentials. I love these!

Samm’s Daily Essentials: A normal cup from the Cafe to hold my pens on my desk when I’m at class. I’m a sucker for sharpies thats all I really use. I got a couple .5mm Pilots G2’s and a bic .5mm pencil, Rawlings Heart of the Hide Pro Mesh 11.5″ w/ 2 piece webbing, Sketchbook, beats by dre studio headphones, a krink K-71 marker, Rayban Glasses, Blackberry Curve, Scrapes Hat, 1 of these 3 magazines…just depends on what order I decide to read them, 80gb ipod Classic with 2mb free, Oakley Radar Sunglasses, Academy of Art Baseball Hat, and a BIG ASS jug of Gatorade.

Samm’s cap is so badass. I think it deserves another angle.

Slumber Nightmare All-Nighters

Back at it!

Glenn! There are some cool things going on with this version. The upper-horns are a neat addition. I think I like the original version better though. That ghost is cool. Maybe that could be the seed for your next idea? Way to work at it!

Corey! I like this concept but I need you to explain some of what’s going on. Chaos is an obvious theme. The tape I don’t totally get. It’s one of the stranger designs we’ve seen in a contest and for that reason I like it. Everything is well rendered as well. I really like the crescent moon as smile thing. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts Corey.

Kai! Slumber Jacks part 2! This little guy is hilarious. I prefer the original, but the “SL” with the axe as the “L” is a good idea and you nailed that log. I can really sense how hard your working on these. Your enthusiasm and attention to detail really shines through. But it’s a tough concept communicate in a tiny logo with this narrative style. Try thinking more symbolically. A buzz saw/chain saw would make a noise that could be shown as ZZZZZ, similar to the symbol for sleep. The plaid is a great symbol for a lumberjack. Maybe the chainsaw is painted in plaid. Think symbols not narrative. Keep truckin homie.

Now Available! – Scrapes

The Scrapes is our third Skate Shop League team and the first cap designed by Samm McAlear of San Francisco, California. The colorway and logo is inspired by all the jeans bloodied by grating knees against the blacktop. DAMN YOU TINY PEBBLES!

Clinkers from around the world submitted an imaginary team name, backstory and cap design for our fictional “Skate Shop League.” Sam’s Skate Shop cap was voted as a winning design by The Clink Room community.
Samm’s bloody bandage design on a denim blue cap is crafted by New Era, and features an exclusive sleave-patch sticker. The Skate Shop League was born of a Clink community collaboration. It provided fertile territory for Clink’s designers to create another great League, this time, celebrating Skate culture.

Nab your Scrapes cap here.