Mishka X The Clink Room – Pt. 2

Part 2 of the Mishka X The Clink Room Collaboration: More sketches.

This grouping of sketches was heavily influenced by sports iconography. Retro baseball logos, the Mets, Chief Wahoo, lock-ups, even a 70’s basketball reference thrown in for good measure. We’ve gotta get that Cyco Simon mask a set of monocular athletic glasses. Safety first.

Tomorrow we’ll show you the final family of logos.

Mishka X The Clink Room – Pt. 1

Around 9 months ago, Jason and I were contacted by one of our favorite streetwear brands, Mishka, to see if we were interested in doing a collaboration. Of course we said yes. Mishka blends metal, hip hop, comics, video games, horror flicks, sports and New York imagery into a brilliant stew of mayhem. When they pitched the idea of us branding a fictional team based around one of their characters, a horned cyclops skull-headed guy named Cyco Simon, we knew it would be a great project.

How did we become fans of Mishka? Let me count the ways 1) For 5 years I lived 3 blocks from their South-side Williamsburg offices and store, it’s got that home-team feeling to me. 2) I count this tee (Jon Vermilyea’s great design “Some say the World will end in fire some in ice!”) as one of my all-time favorites to ever grace my closet. 3) When Jason and I were thinking about starting The Clink Room we knew that the streetwear community would be an important part of the Clink story. So we walked all over the East Village looking at shops getting inspired by ways we could contribute to the culture. Mishka was a brand that appeared over-and-over as a guiding light even before their Broadway store was open. Yeah, you could say we’re pretty big fans.

If your not familiar with Mishka, become initiated. Here’s their addictive blog, Bloglin. And be sure to check out their great online store. Jason and I are especially into their iconic 59/Fiftys. You can visit one of their 3 stores: Brooklyn, L.A., or Tokyo. Lil John, Weezy, and Rick Ross agree.

The term “family friendly” is thrown around a lot when we brand a sports team. And that’s great, we love trying to make our logos and characters seem tenacious or aggressive without sending kids to bed with nightmares. But with Mishka, the mission was to make it sporty but ditch the family friendly. So we hit the drawing board, taking Greg, Mikhail, and Mike through the same process we take all our clubs through. And that means research with a shotgun style sketch-fest. These are just a few of our favorite images they sent over for inspiration. Gotta love that mascot head!

Then we hit the drawing board. The 80’s, Bo Jackson, Batman, shamanism, baseball’s superstitions, comic book origin stories, and magic were all inspiration.

More sketches tomorrow! Friday you’ll see the final logos. And Monday all the crazy stuff we created together will be available in the Clink store.

Pink Wing Slayer Boys

Kelly! I didn’t know what a pink elephant was. “Elephant in the room,” yes, but not that that a pink elephant is a drunk that everyone knows needs help. Perfect Night League mascot! Great illustration. Great concept. Maybe he should be holding a XXX jug? Could you give him a drunk expression? Great work!

Kelly again! Another crack at wingmen, I like it. What if the helmet was the character? Arms and legs with a big pearly white smile. Kinda a douchie character. To make this concept work you have to make fun of the wingmen. Know what I mean? Great start, love the helmet rendering.

T.J.! Yeah this is great. Much more of an icon and not a scene. Done! Great work!

Eric! Ah tall boys. My favorite. I love the presentation. The heroic-ness of the can. What if the can was a character. In the fists on hips Superman position. Know what I mean? Keep it a simple primate character. I love the can rendering. This entry tugs at my heart strings.

Immortal Booty Dream Bugs

I’m going to try an get on to getting it on with these last few posts a quickly as possible. Even with that, it looks like my first estimate of ending by this week is an ambitious one. Maybe the end of next week we’ll start the vote. Trucking as hard as we can.

Chris! This guy is great! The all white version plays to my latest obsession with one color logos. But the white and red version is the better bet. Only thought would be to show some of his left collar. It would add some symmetry and give him a more iconic shape. But this is a kick-ass rendering and character! Great work!

Tanner! Now this is good thinking. Instead of showing the bug make the jar the icon! That’s some next level storytelling. Really like this guy. Great work. One-n-done!

Scott! This is a great character. Love his expression. Love the “C” on his hat. Dead babies never get old right? Sicko. Just kidding. If the colorway was less sunny than it is, it would be a much sadder concept. I like this Virginia Tech colorway a lot.

Jim! Great redo. I think that you could just call this concept the Snoozers or the ZZZs and it would work just as well. Really solid concept and execution. I think this is a dark horse entry. Done!

Snowed In-field

Our good buddy Mundhenk, front office extraordinaire at the Great Lakes Loons, sent us this photo and they prep for opening day. Gives new perspective to pulling tarp*. Godspeed to all you Northern teams. Godspeed. Go check out the Loons, and all our awesome teams, as Opening Day approaches!

*For all of you who don’t work in Minor League Baseball, pulling tarp is a right of passage in the Minor Leagues. Everyone on the staff runs down to the field when threat of rain approaches. Everyone. And pulls the tarp to cover the infield. You can’t call yourself a Minor Leaguer till you’ve pulled tarp. Muddy, sweaty, the best and the worst.

Nocturnal Nightcap Owls

Eric! I love this guy. His expression. The way he’s rendered. Love the stars. Love the “YAAWN” cartoon text. Look how good that looks on a hat. One-n-done!

Ryan! Kool kat the owl here. Great redo. Done! Ready for voting!

Aaron! Under the wire with 3 big entries. And #3 is bangarang. So simple, so iconic. A master work. Those eyes would look great embroidered in shiny thread. One-n-done!

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More great photos from Clinkers around the World! Pat has this badass Padres surfboard hat rack stuffed to the gills with Clink hats. Say word. Word.
The Sport Logo Pundit twittered these photos and Jay brought them to my attention. Who are you Sports Logo Pundit? The Clink-u-verse wants to know. He even snapped a photo of the hand written and sketched thank you note cards that we stick in each box. Say word again. Word.
And Nawar from Brunei Darussalam! I had to look up Brunei Darussalam when his first of many orders came through. Even the Post Office was unsure at first. But I learned a lot about his small but awesome country at Wikipedia. Proud to have you as our Clink ambassador to the great nation of Brunei Darussalam! Say word once more. Word.
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