More great photos from Clinkers around the World! Pat has this badass Padres surfboard hat rack stuffed to the gills with Clink hats. Say word. Word.
The Sport Logo Pundit twittered these photos and Jay brought them to my attention. Who are you Sports Logo Pundit? The Clink-u-verse wants to know. He even snapped a photo of the hand written and sketched thank you note cards that we stick in each box. Say word again. Word.
And Nawar from Brunei Darussalam! I had to look up Brunei Darussalam when his first of many orders came through. Even the Post Office was unsure at first. But I learned a lot about his small but awesome country at Wikipedia. Proud to have you as our Clink ambassador to the great nation of Brunei Darussalam! Say word once more. Word.
And last but not least, NEW CLINK KONG patches came in yesterday! They look fantastic. All orders placed in the next week will get the Clink Kong patch guaranteed. Along side whatever other patches would normally come with your purchase! Say word.


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  1. Hey guys, I’m The Sports Logo Pundit. Just a guy who loves sports logos, even bad ones. Used to blog regularly and just recently started to tweet and will start blogging again soon. Love what you guys do and love the Clink Room just haven’t been an active commenter. Word!

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