Nocturnal Nightcap Owls

Eric! I love this guy. His expression. The way he’s rendered. Love the stars. Love the “YAAWN” cartoon text. Look how good that looks on a hat. One-n-done!

Ryan! Kool kat the owl here. Great redo. Done! Ready for voting!

Aaron! Under the wire with 3 big entries. And #3 is bangarang. So simple, so iconic. A master work. Those eyes would look great embroidered in shiny thread. One-n-done!


5 thoughts on “Nocturnal Nightcap Owls

  1. Nocturals! Dig it. This tone and color are great; I like it on the Las Vegas Taken concept, and it works here, too. Regardless of which concepts get selected for the final League, we gots to have some gray tones with a slam of fluorescence. The eyes in this are great…makes me think, “Whoa! Um, you’re not supposed to be up this late…wasn’t expecting to see you here.”

  2. I like the the Nocturnals, but the dark grey is so close to black that it gets lost. Up a shade lighter and it’s all good.

    Ryan, the NIght Owls design is nice and clean. Glad the smoke looks more like a cigarette and less like a joint.

  3. The nightcaps does have a sort of campy charm with the yawn, and the stars go well with it but I think the face needs some work. I like the yawning idea, a yawning face would look great. If you wanna play with the drinking aspect, why not have the bigg dipper above him about to pour some booze in his yawning mouth? You might not need the word then. I think that would be so cool, maybe instead of the ball caP give him an old sleeping cap. Great start and concept.

    I love how the shades are handled on the night owls, think the cig should be more straight and add filter so it looks less joint like. Also maybe make it hanging out his mouth at a lower angle so it reads less as teeth. It’s a clean rendering. There will be an owl battle during voting for sure.

    Nocturnals is striking, I think the color choices are good, maybe go a bit yellower than greener. Maybe a bit more detail in the eyes or a shine? I think the more realistic this could loom the more unique it would be, I would like to see how this would be handled in thread.

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