Immortal Booty Dream Bugs

I’m going to try an get on to getting it on with these last few posts a quickly as possible. Even with that, it looks like my first estimate of ending by this week is an ambitious one. Maybe the end of next week we’ll start the vote. Trucking as hard as we can.

Chris! This guy is great! The all white version plays to my latest obsession with one color logos. But the white and red version is the better bet. Only thought would be to show some of his left collar. It would add some symmetry and give him a more iconic shape. But this is a kick-ass rendering and character! Great work!

Tanner! Now this is good thinking. Instead of showing the bug make the jar the icon! That’s some next level storytelling. Really like this guy. Great work. One-n-done!

Scott! This is a great character. Love his expression. Love the “C” on his hat. Dead babies never get old right? Sicko. Just kidding. If the colorway was less sunny than it is, it would be a much sadder concept. I like this Virginia Tech colorway a lot.

Jim! Great redo. I think that you could just call this concept the Snoozers or the ZZZs and it would work just as well. Really solid concept and execution. I think this is a dark horse entry. Done!


6 thoughts on “Immortal Booty Dream Bugs

  1. What a great round of entries!

    Chris—I might suggest the opposite of Casey’s comment… I would play up the asymmetry. I would still show that missing collar like Casey suggested, but I would really play up the motion from the left angle, like the Patriots logo.

    Tanner—I have a soft spot for your design because of a lightning-bug in a jar t-shirt I did a year or two ago for a contest at threadless. I think the rendering is almost there. I would thicken up some lines, and maybe take the sharp angles out of the bottom of the jar. Nice!

    Scott—This is the best rendered logo of this grouping, but I think it is a little too “kiddy” for me, personally. It would make a great hat for junior Clinkers. It is so successful, though, that I wouldn’t change it. I would submit a “tweak” that was maybe a bit more aggressive looking. I think the eyes are too big and the mouth expression is too cute.

    Jim—Great redo. It sells the idea but isn’t quite as gross. Maybe I’ve just become desensitized. The only thing I would suggest would be to round the sharp corners on the “Z”s.

  2. Casey, thanks for the “sicko” I think my wife would tend to agree with you… haha. I just wanted a colorway that was reflective of the setting sun and how it can reinterpret color to the eye, this type of palette intrigued me and I figured why not take it for a spin.

    Hey Kevin, appreciate the kind words. I think maybe you just stumbled upon a whole new outlet for the guys “Kid Clink” does have a really nice ring to it and would be a great market for which to introduce the product. I’d be game.

  3. I like both of Kevin and Caseys ideas on the immortals. I wonder which would look best, I guess only one way to find out. I like the team name, its original, and I like that you didnt go too realistic looking on this, the style is cool. It is reminiscent of the Patriots, and that is also cool how it kinda plays off that. I think that this team and the one that I created, the Slayers = Instant rivalry lol. Nice.

    I like the bottle idea a lot, Im just not sure about the execution. or the colors. Why is the bottle opaque green? If you had a clear shiny bottle with a pissed of lightning bug in it, you could really play with the scale and attitude of this concept. I think you could even keep the fact that the bottle is a character. What if you played with the vs. aspect, bug vs bottle. I like the idea of the bottle with net, good stuff. Those arms look awful familiar though..

    Teether is funny stuff. Im having a helluva time deciphering the story though lol. I think babys might not be so cool on a cap, but kids are cool cause we can all relate to being kids. On that note if you make this more kid-like rather than teething babies, this could be hot. Agreed that your colors are fresh, but it seems like you need to add some kid imagery, perhaps instead of a dagger in his mouth, how about a slingshot? Give him a sly smile, and give the eyes some attitude. Can you think of a way to make the eyepatch or the hat more playful? What about one of those paper pirate hats, maybe turn the bones into those old timey wooden play swords you used to see in the cartoons (thick at the top with the nail to hold the hand guard on). You did some nice rendering here, and with a couple changes, this could be a monster, methinks. Arr.

    Kevin also makes a good point about rounding the Zs, great idea, maybe make the ends of the z’s a bit more bulbous. This is perfeclty gross. I might even suggest to distort the perspective of the Zzz a bit more. Looks great.

  4. That C bone mark is kinda awesome on its own. Teethers would probably translate well onto a cap. It’s got great humor to it. Maybe the color theme can toughen it up. I agree that the zzz should follow the perspective of the puddle, uh bubble. Lot’s of good stuff here!

    • Good catch Jesse! I went back and looked at the vectored version of his design. It’s not a copy in the sense of taking vector points directly. I’ve already asked Tanner to redraw the hands. They’re a little too close to the BCS. This is the sticky grey line between inspiration and copying. We can only try our best to make the right call.

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