Pink Wing Slayer Boys

Kelly! I didn’t know what a pink elephant was. “Elephant in the room,” yes, but not that that a pink elephant is a drunk that everyone knows needs help. Perfect Night League mascot! Great illustration. Great concept. Maybe he should be holding a XXX jug? Could you give him a drunk expression? Great work!

Kelly again! Another crack at wingmen, I like it. What if the helmet was the character? Arms and legs with a big pearly white smile. Kinda a douchie character. To make this concept work you have to make fun of the wingmen. Know what I mean? Great start, love the helmet rendering.

T.J.! Yeah this is great. Much more of an icon and not a scene. Done! Great work!

Eric! Ah tall boys. My favorite. I love the presentation. The heroic-ness of the can. What if the can was a character. In the fists on hips Superman position. Know what I mean? Keep it a simple primate character. I love the can rendering. This entry tugs at my heart strings.


6 thoughts on “Pink Wing Slayer Boys

  1. The pink elephant & the wing man have some good ideas but they something more.
    The slayers concept is really cool I like the design of the logo. Maybe add some kind of night time feel to it. The tall boys design turned out great I like how they incorparated the moon symbol on the can.

  2. Tall Boys rocks, I personally love it as-is.
    TJ, awesome work on this design. You really nailed it. I’m loving that holy water crucible.

  3. I like the Pink Elephants because that was my favorite part in the movie Dumbo when that mouse gets wasted.
    TJ, this is a lot more simple than your previous concepts. Great job.

  4. Pink elephants is cool cause of that paintbrush, bit it’s way too small, if you make it more of a part of the composition, this will be hot.

    Tallboys is great because of it’s wholesome quality, love the foam and the overall rendering, also like Caseys suggestions.

    Wingmen is a great concept altogether but I think if you lighten it up a bit kinda what Casey suggested, itcan work out well.

    Coming from a illustration background, I sometimes tend to make more complex designs that sometime are a bit too much for a hat mark. Simplification of color and composition was what I was goin for here. I think a one color is something that I will wrestle with but I’m gonna try at some point.

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