24 Hour Hustle All-Night Moonshiners

Birdman! Love these simple concepts executed simply! Variety in the teams that are chosen for the Night League is important and Aaron just injected a big dose of variety. I love both of these. I think the 24 Sevens Hustle is spot on and a one-n-done. The Clockers is great but I think you need to follow through with the neon sign thing. Maybe a light blue rounded corner boarder? Maybe the whole thing done like neon sign piping? Excellent entries!

Kevin! Yes! This giant drunk baby-like hillbilly is great. A couple things, make that crescent moon come up towards his hat. Almost like he’s peering out of a porthole. Both his arms seem a little unresolved. I think you could weave these two elements a lot better by having his mason jar holding hand come out over the top of the moon. Great entry as always!

Kim! A newbie? I think so. Welcome! I love the concept of the drunk building. There’s no better town for drinking than New York. No driving. Open late. Variety! I miss it. What if the building’s arms were other smaller buildings? What if you used pieces of the architecture to make up his face? Also, those stars need to be star shaped and more plentiful. Excellent concept and a great start to Clinking.

Conspiracy + The Clink Room

Since the early days of The Clink Room, Jason and I have been contacted by stores around the World asking us if we wholesale Clink’s designs. We liked the idea but didn’t feel like we had the time to do it right. A few weeks ago, fates aligned. Jason and I had an epiphany about how we could do wholesale efficiently and Jes from Conspiracy in Fort Wayne, Indiana contacted us about carrying Clink products. Jes being a gung-ho guy and Conspiracy being a great looking store made it the right place to start. (By the way- Jes is the guy who got Clink Kong tattooed on his leg. Undisputedly, gung-ho!)

We’re doing it a bit differently than most other wholesalers. A small quantity of each hat style will be available to stores like Conspiracy for purchase increasing the number of hats produced for each Collaboration. Which will increase the royalties to Clink’s incredible worldwide-network of designers!

We’re looking for a few other stores to test pilot this new chapter in Clink’s history with us. If your interested, email us a short introduction to your store, a list of other brands that you carry as well as a few photos of your store and we’ll be happy to tell you more about our unique wholesale process.

Jason and I are proud to welcome Conspiracy to the Clink family, the first brick-and-mortar to stock The Clink Room! If you’re in the Fort Wayne area, stop by the store to check out Clink’s caps and tees as well as the other great stuff they offer! We have another store in Australia ready to offer Clink’s designs in the next months or so. Exciting stuff!

Inebriated Smore Marauders

Really love how you guys all stepped it up with the criques and encouragment in the comments. It really helps to make this thing work. We’ve got about another weeks worth of entries. I’d say the voting will comence on Monday, April 4th. Just a guess.

RenĂ©! I love the idea of the never mythical sea creature that no one has ever heard of. And you’ve got a great start with this guy. But if he’s a creature of the sea. He needs a couple sea creature-esque features right? Tentacles, gills, fins. Right? I’d also give it a nighttime sea colorway. Dark blues and dark greens. Maybe a sea foam green thrown in there for contrast. Great start. Can’t wait to see where you take this one.

Esteban! I love this little guy. It’s missing a stick skewered through him right? Maybe 2 sticks. Sticks for arms like a marshmallow snowman.

Pat! Love the B & W version. Done and done.

Dead Midnight Shift

Glenn! Seen a couple skeleton hand concepts in Clink’s short history. I like the concept and this rendering is great. I know Aaron Bird’s Taco Shop League version was cool because the hand came out of the visor/crown seem. This version works because it seems like a severed hand frozen in time. Like something that Indian Jones would stumble across. Your colors are great, bright and drab at the same time. Excellent!

Ryan and Jeffe! That “S” is nice. Just the direction I hoped you’d go in. Lets focus on that. Can we get the “S” to be styled in more of the shift tree composition? I think we need small numbers as well right? You guys make a good team!

Nathan! Love this cowboy logo. Lets focus on him. I think you’re spot on with the silhouette + highlights rendering concept. My only thought would be to change the grey to something darker. Even 2 tones of purple on a black hat would really make this concept pop. 2 tone of any color on a black hat would be a great fit for this logo. Kick ass start!

Beer Lycan SidesHobos

Tom! Yes. I like the drip addition as well. This cracks me up. Great job!

Eric! You know what I love about this version? It’s silhouette. We could do the werewolf in all darks or even one color and with a little creative embroidery it could be spectacular. Great work! Love that moon.

Patrick! One of THE-GREATEST-NAMES in the history of naming. And the design is spectacular as well. I like the feather that you have coming out of his hat but it’s not necessary. Really dude. This guy is the best.

Taken Werewolf Spooks

Mike! I want the hidden dark version in the background! That’s the one I want. Don’t hide it from me.

Jesse! Love this redo. The big eyes make him nuts looking. Great work.

Gyula! Secondary mark is so great. I love the redone version as well. Hungary represents.

Kick this weekend’s ass everyone!

New Strictly Fitteds Animation

We re-uped with our pals over at Strictly Fitteds, everyone’s favorite streetwear blog (According to us and Every Guyed.). Nai and all the fellas over there have been integral in making Clink’s short history a successful one. And they’re going to be a big part of Clink’s future as well. We thought we’d try something new for our banner space on the site. Once we got this up on I was so excited about it I thought it deserved a larger version.

The coolest part is that it’s designed so that we can easily swap-out the hat he’s wearing. Keeping a fresh cap on Kong is a must right? Check it here and at SF.

Undead Field Possums

Tayler! What a beautiful rendering! I love the name too. My one concern is that it’s not Night-ish enough. Of course mice do most of their mischief at night but can we show that in the logo? Maybe a cresent moon on the hat? Maybe stars for highlights in his eyes? Great start!

Ryan! two great entries. The Possums, I think a Possum is a great creature for the Night League. But I’d make the same comment I made for Tayler’s Mice, can we make it more night-timey? I also think the bat is in a confusing composition. Maybe it needs to be over his shoulder? Right now it’s both a “P” and an “L” and therefore it reads as neither. Know what I mean? I think that if you just gave us a great Possum character doing something night-timey it would be great. OR, what if he was a grim reaper possum with the baseball bat that has a scythe blade on it. He could also be in a robe. What do you think?

Or you could take this Undead concept and mash it with the possum. That could be funny and weird. We’ve seen a lot of undead hands coming up out of the dirt in this and the Reject contest. I think that this is a great version of that concept. It’s a visceral well done rendering. Great work.

Slumber Shadow Night Caps

Matt! I love this illustration. The hat is awesome, instantly knew that it was one of those Bavarian style hats built for the sole purpose of getting drunk. I think one baseball in the beer glass is enough, don’t you? Great work, great story.

Kai! This is a guy who knows how to put his nose down a do the work. No short cuts just effort. Kai, the improvement of your work is really impressive. I really like both of these. The shadow “S” is simple and elegant.

And this SlumberJacks “Z” is one of my favorite letters on a cap ever. Ditch the feathers. And lets get that axe vertical. Iconic, clean, doing the work. Great job!