Everett Team Store Concept

I know in the past that I haven’t done enough behind-the-scenes of what we do here at Plan B. Branding. So I guess I’m making up for lost time. Here’s a glimpse of a project we did last year for the Everett AquaSox. Tom, the GM up in Everett, asked us if we would come up with some ideas to liven-up their team store to better showcase their new look. We came up with a bunch of ideas that they could execute on their own and do it cheaply. This is a look at the elevation sketch we dreamed up. (Click here for a larger version of the image.)
Tom told us that the best thing has been these cell phone camera photo spots that we designed. Simple cheap fun. Just like Minor League Baseball.

Spokane Indians Go 3D

Once Jason and I finish branding a team the work rarely stops there. And one reason we love working with teams like the Spokane Indians, besides they’re all really fun great people, is that they understand a brand needs to be treated like a living breathing organism. Even a brand like Spokane’s, which has a very classic look, needs to constantly be evolving to stay fresh.

When Otto, one of the ringmasters up in Spokane, asked us if we wanted to take a crack at 3D-ifying their logo we were pumped. Spokane has helped us create countless new services that we now regularly offer all our clubs. Keep on inventing guys! I became obsessed with mesh gradients in Adobe Illustrator a few years back. The Clink Room’s site is almost entirely designed using them. If you don’t know what they are or how to do them here is a link to 20 tutorials.

What’s great about this type of file is that it can be scaled and printed to the size of the State of Washington without changing the resolution. Just like all Illustrator files but with shading! All of you entering Clink Room collaboration contests in Photoshop, get on the Illustrator wagon. I’m talking to you T.J.

Introducing the Night League

First, congrats to all the winners. All of these entries are exceptional designs and concepts. We’re proud to have them apart of the Clink Family. You’ll be getting contracts from me soon. Sit tight. Again, Jason and I are so proud. Lets give them all some love and congrats in the comments.

Let me quickly run through why these entries were chosen. The Black Devils is a great iconic logo that’s going to look epic embroidered. We’ll make it feel like it’s emerging from the cap (with glow-in-the-dark thread of course). Early Birds, iconic design, a great idea for the Night theme. The name’s got a hustlers spirit to it. Boogie Men, just a great illustration married to a great concept. Adds a hand-drawn style to the whole League. Slumber Jacks, has a great “What?” factor. Iconic, funny, I have great ideas for this guy. I think it could be the next Walbats. Brawlers, retro-Minor League fun with an edge. Taken, full of mystery. We’ll embroider the heck out of the black areas on his head. A mark that’s going to blossom in embroidery. Nocturnals, simple design and a great creature. Yet another design that’s going to really come into it’s own in thread. Trick-or-Treats, just plain Clink-esque fun. Everything that I’ve ever wanted out of storytelling on a cap.

To all of you whose designs weren’t chosen. This was the most difficult League to judge yet. Jeffe’s Steam Punks made us want to do a Steam Punk League all his own. Kevin’s Moonshiners made us want to quit our jobs and run illegal hooch through Appalachia. Chad’s Hops was a brilliant display of Minor League style design. Kenny’s Owls’ reminded us of why we love classic baseball graphics. Martin’s Nite Schoolaz flat-out cracked us up. Ah, all the great zombie entries! I could go on and on.

Again, congrats to all the winners. Till the next League! Kick this weekend’s ass!

Night League Vote

The Night League vote is finally here. Anyone can vote! If you submitted a design, then you get 5 votes, if you didn’t you get 3. We want it to be known that the while the vote is important, the final decision will be made by Jason and I. But the vote is still very influential.

Here’s how it works…

Download the PDF Ballot (About 9MB).

• When you’re ready to vote, send your email to Reject League Votes. (TheClinkRoom@PlanBBranding.com)

IMPORTANT: The subject of your email must read “NIGHT LEAGUE VOTE” in order for your vote to count.

• If you submitted a design, you get 5 votes. The order doesn’t matter. It should look something like this…

• If you didn’t submit a design you get 3 votes. Your email should look something like this…

• Voting ends on Thursday morning, April 21st when we open our emails.

• Winners will be announced Friday, April 22nd.

Hot damn I’m excited. Jay and I will be traveling for the next few days. So we will let this post remain at the top of the blog until we get back. Good luck to everyone. Have a great rest of your week.

PS. Oh yeah, like last contest, shout out your favorites in the comments.

Lil Buck & Yo-Yo Ma

This is one of the most interesting things I’ve seen in long time. It’s culture perfected. The classic culture mixed with pop culture in an authentic, thoughtful, non-cynical way. It’s like peanut butter and nutella, a burger and truffle fries, baseball and free-range hotdogs. Culture evolving.