Night League Vote

The Night League vote is finally here. Anyone can vote! If you submitted a design, then you get 5 votes, if you didn’t you get 3. We want it to be known that the while the vote is important, the final decision will be made by Jason and I. But the vote is still very influential.

Here’s how it works…

Download the PDF Ballot (About 9MB).

• When you’re ready to vote, send your email to Reject League Votes. (

IMPORTANT: The subject of your email must read “NIGHT LEAGUE VOTE” in order for your vote to count.

• If you submitted a design, you get 5 votes. The order doesn’t matter. It should look something like this…

• If you didn’t submit a design you get 3 votes. Your email should look something like this…

• Voting ends on Thursday morning, April 21st when we open our emails.

• Winners will be announced Friday, April 22nd.

Hot damn I’m excited. Jay and I will be traveling for the next few days. So we will let this post remain at the top of the blog until we get back. Good luck to everyone. Have a great rest of your week.

PS. Oh yeah, like last contest, shout out your favorites in the comments.


51 thoughts on “Night League Vote

    • Shoot. Yes, it should be “NIGHT LEAGUE VOTE” all votes that were labeled “REJECT LEAGUE VOTE” will be counted. Not to worry.

  1. I know there is no way to police it, but in the future, I think that you should not be allowed to vote for your own designs. Since I have something like 6 entries, it would make sense for me to use my 5 votes for myself. I will probably split my votes up a bit, but it would make it easier on me if we weren’t allowed to vote on our own submissions.

  2. This is going to be tough to make my picks! I see 120 on the PDF, but I would have thought the count was close to 150, since we had about three and a half months of entries. Best of luck, all.

  3. 13, BoogeyMen-TJ, right? It’s still badass, but was always hoping to see it without the monster. Would work either way.

    Mike, don’t worry about the version of the Alien. What’s up there is good.

    33, Efra? That cat would look good even without the smoke. The look on his face tells the story.

    76, Gyula’s Spooks- Seeing it like this amongst the others it really says “fun hat.”

  4. I have a horse in the race, so I chose 5 that weren’t my own…

    1 – Terrific concept and execution, the best “cap” logo in the competition… Classic with a twist

    37 – Perfect minor-league team idea, the concept of the Anglerfish w/ a baseball lure is a winner… Execution needs some fine tuning but the idea behind the logo is awesome

    45 – Loved this from first sight, the rendering of the passed-out Piggy would make for a stellar cap

    46 – Although pink isn’t my favorite color, it totally works on the Firework. All-around excellent design

    64 – CBS’ three concepts were all solid, but the H+Lilypad is the best of the bunch for a cap logo… The script logo would make for an excellent jersey front, and the frog face would make for a killer sleeve patch, but #64 is the cap logo for sure

  5. 95- that reruns logo is great, the head dress sets it apart, and putsa it over the top!!! Hands down my first choice. Other than that I’m loving number 17

  6. a lot of SICK designs (including the two i did) but i feel there are some that missed the mark on the concept. good luck to everyone, cant wait to see who wins….

  7. 10 Late Nighters.

    118 Zombies I think would make a great hat.

    101 I just love the design here and the concept

    There are a lot of great hat designs. but these are the ones I want to see.

  8. 3-night crawlers- one of my favorites from the very beginning

    59- black devils- perfect minor league team plus awsome name, love the lighting

    84- (forgot name) nice rendering and cool lighting

  9. In no particular order..
    9 – Moonshiners one
    40 – Purple Owl eyes
    49 – Blue owl on black
    54 – Knighted Owl
    58 – Zombie Bronco

    I dont ava thing for Owls but by far these are the best ones going..

  10. #1:HOPS(64): my #1 choice (and judging by the comments its alot of other peoples too) i think its a winner!

    #2:Reruns(95): I love any kind of native american imagery in baseball(go cleveland!).

    #3:Black Devils(59): I would definately rock a cap with that beast on it.

  11. So many great concepts, everyone should be proud of their work. I chose my favorites based on what I would personally wear based on the coolness factor. A lot of designs I felt looked good as designs but I wasnt sure if they would translate good on a hat. Here are my top 5 (not including my entries):

    20- The Drunk Dialers, has always been one of my faves. This is well thought out and clever, and I think it would look awesome on a hat with the recessed number holes. Way to go Jeff.
    54- Knight Owls, clever but also very well executed.
    79- Early Birdies, always was a huge fan of the concept and execution. Love how this looks regal, but yet light hearted. awesome.
    1- Beer Goggles, simple but cool design, very sharp and well done.
    12- I think the mysterious aspect of this one pushes it over the top for me, it was between this and the Hops (64)

    -to Tom, yeah I was gonna just do a quick mock up of just the B turntables, but it completely escaped my mind. I think just the B makes for a cool and simple Alt for the Boogie Men though.

  12. I like 54 a lot as well but it looks to much like the UCF logo to meel, and I feel like people. Would constantly get confused.

  13. Great job by everyone, good luck to all!!

    So many great concepts. I loved the “Boogie Knights” and “Hops” in particular.

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  15. Just saw Jason and Casey at the Clearwater Threshers game. They made me feel really old by not knowing who Sifl & Olly were. I figured I needed to share it with all the other Clinkers….

    Here is your primer of Sifl & Olly
    Foo Fighters often cover this song in concert.

    and here is the rest of what you need to know about Sifl & Olly

    Sifl & Olly “Calls From the Public”

    Here is a youtube search of a bunch of great Sifl & Olly stuff

  16. Jeff, I’m sure you tried to get all sorts of info out them! (I would. …And I like the Tube Sock Ninjas)

    So far I’ve seen a few common likes in the shout outs, but really diverse tastes seems to be the rule here. Will be interesting.

  17. I was personally holding out hope for the Drunk Dialers … but it looks like I’ll have to keep trying. One day I will get a winner and I won’t just be that guy who hangs around here to annoy the rest of you! LOL

    So many very good designs I haven’t even voted yet … still debating.

  18. AAAHh I didn’t revise mine! Still it looks good as is, and it’s a contender in my book. My personal picks are as follows:

    102 (sweet name/concept)
    79 (great execution)
    86 (great illustration)
    91 (because bushbabies are awesome)
    46 (for the bold colorway)

    Good luck y’all.

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