Introducing the Night League

First, congrats to all the winners. All of these entries are exceptional designs and concepts. We’re proud to have them apart of the Clink Family. You’ll be getting contracts from me soon. Sit tight. Again, Jason and I are so proud. Lets give them all some love and congrats in the comments.

Let me quickly run through why these entries were chosen. The Black Devils is a great iconic logo that’s going to look epic embroidered. We’ll make it feel like it’s emerging from the cap (with glow-in-the-dark thread of course). Early Birds, iconic design, a great idea for the Night theme. The name’s got a hustlers spirit to it. Boogie Men, just a great illustration married to a great concept. Adds a hand-drawn style to the whole League. Slumber Jacks, has a great “What?” factor. Iconic, funny, I have great ideas for this guy. I think it could be the next Walbats. Brawlers, retro-Minor League fun with an edge. Taken, full of mystery. We’ll embroider the heck out of the black areas on his head. A mark that’s going to blossom in embroidery. Nocturnals, simple design and a great creature. Yet another design that’s going to really come into it’s own in thread. Trick-or-Treats, just plain Clink-esque fun. Everything that I’ve ever wanted out of storytelling on a cap.

To all of you whose designs weren’t chosen. This was the most difficult League to judge yet. Jeffe’s Steam Punks made us want to do a Steam Punk League all his own. Kevin’s Moonshiners made us want to quit our jobs and run illegal hooch through Appalachia. Chad’s Hops was a brilliant display of Minor League style design. Kenny’s Owls’ reminded us of why we love classic baseball graphics. Martin’s Nite Schoolaz flat-out cracked us up. Ah, all the great zombie entries! I could go on and on.

Again, congrats to all the winners. Till the next League! Kick this weekend’s ass!


34 thoughts on “Introducing the Night League

  1. Congratulations to everyone! All the winners did a really great job. This has been an awsome contest but Im shocked not to see the hops or the reruns up here.

  2. Thanks you to all that voted. I’m honored to have my entry selected, and I’m excited to see the others too. I’ve always been a big “Birdies” fan as well and a lot of the designs we see here have been sleepers but I think will look great in thread. Also I think you have a nice variety in the selection here in terms of style, composition and theme. As usual there are some surprises and some that we were really pulling for that didnt make it (Dialers for me). Kudos to all who submitted, it was a fun competition as always. Thanks to J&C as well.

  3. im sorry but yet again, i dont agree with the winners, not because I didnt personally win, but im beginning the believe people are just creating email addresses and voting for themselves repeatedly. And also my logo was on their 2 times, im sure i didnt get the votes for both numbers combined either.

  4. gonna come right out with it: wishin the Hops and Moonshiners were on here.

    That said, love the Devils and Birds. I’ve never made a Clink purchase, cause I like my hats at a discount price (and I’ve never seen one from one of these competitions that I would actually want to wear, and I wouldn’t have to give a detailed explanation to everyone who asked me about what it was.) We’ll see how these turn out. I think most people were banking on the Hops though. What a great wear.

  5. I was under the impression that the votes would just be an indicator of the fans’ interest, but the final decisions would be made entirely by Casey & Jason.

    Ahh well, however it’s done I agree and disagree with some of the caps, but wish congrats to everybody who won and participated. This was my first time participating on here, and am looking forward to the next league

  6. I didn’t make the cut, darnit. But while waiting for these to get made I’ll have to put one of my own designs on a hat. Beer Goggles, Mosquitos, or NoiseMakers?

    Anyway, a couple I did vote for won, so I will really look forward to seeing those made. Can’t wait! Congrats to all, and viva la Clink Room.

    (Mike, I told you you had nothing to worry about with your alien!)

  7. Congrats to all the winners, these are great choices!! I can’t wait to see how “Taken” looks embroidered, could be a classic cap… Early Birds is great as well!

  8. Wow! I’m so stoked, I thought my Tokers entry had a better shot of winning, but I really liked the Brawlers too. Thanks to everyone who voted, these were some of the best concepts in the competition, can’t wait to see them embroidered. Thanks again Casey and Jason!

  9. Its gotta be tough to make these decisions. I know a lot of people wonder why certain designs weren’t chosen. I have to believe there is a certain bit of “wearablility” issues that come into play. I know Warfare Chris was wondering about the night golfer and surfer… I wonder if there was a concern that people wouldn’t buy a hat with that subject matter on it, no matter how amazing the illustrations are. I would say the 8 winners are all wearable designs for the most part. And, we should be thankful there are 8 winners! I think that is more than there has ever been. Of course, I wish my Moonshiners or Sudden Death or Night Crawlers were good enough to make the cut, but I will look forward to the next contest. I wish I could get those designs produced to sell. Ha. Of course I have no idea if there would be a market for it. Now I’m just rambling in defeat…

  10. Congrats to the winners! This was a great league and I’m sure it was a real task picking winners, but those that were chosen were justified.

    Really love the Brawlers, Boogie Men, Taken and Trick-or-Treats designs.

    Can’t wait for the next league!

  11. My bad. Didn’t realize posting a link to this post would insert my own blog into the comments here. I’ll admit it looks rather awkward in there – hopefully it didn’t bring the discussion to a halt.

    Congratulations to the winners. Can’t wait to see these guys in threads.

  12. Wow! No Beer Goggles? No Knight Owls? No Rochester Reruns? No Washington Hops? Hell, all THREE of the Hops logos deserved to adorn a Night League cap! None of these logos make the cut. Damn! I guess my taste in design must be WAAAAAAAAAY out of whack.

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