MLB Road to the Show 2011

I think the first time I ever saw one of our uniform and logo designs in a video game it was the Tulsa Drillers and it absolutely blew my mind. This still geeks us out in the best way possible. Jason just sent this over, a screen-shot of the new Omaha Storm Chasers uniforms we designed in the digital world.


6 thoughts on “MLB Road to the Show 2011

  1. This is one of my Items on my dream list. After getting my Richmond hat that’s the team i played for in MLB 10.

  2. Beautiful! Combines my love of logos and uniform design and video games. I’m a sucker for the “create a team” functions on Madden and NCAA football (especially NCAA’s teambuilder).

  3. Thats hype. It must be great to have professionals actually wear what you create, now to be in a game is the next frontier you guys crossed into. Whats great is actually being able to play (as well as everyone else) as one of your own creations beyond the create-a-team feature.
    Congrats, hopefully we can see more of the designs in the future!

    I was lucky enough to have one of my designs chosen for a paint scheme for the PS3 game Warhawk, and it was so sick being able to play as my creation but then see others actually flying it!:!370981/warhawks-contest-winning-paint-jobs-are-fruity-and-fantastic

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