Spokane Indians Go 3D

Once Jason and I finish branding a team the work rarely stops there. And one reason we love working with teams like the Spokane Indians, besides they’re all really fun great people, is that they understand a brand needs to be treated like a living breathing organism. Even a brand like Spokane’s, which has a very classic look, needs to constantly be evolving to stay fresh.

When Otto, one of the ringmasters up in Spokane, asked us if we wanted to take a crack at 3D-ifying their logo we were pumped. Spokane has helped us create countless new services that we now regularly offer all our clubs. Keep on inventing guys! I became obsessed with mesh gradients in Adobe Illustrator a few years back. The Clink Room’s site is almost entirely designed using them. If you don’t know what they are or how to do them here is a link to 20 tutorials.

What’s great about this type of file is that it can be scaled and printed to the size of the State of Washington without changing the resolution. Just like all Illustrator files but with shading! All of you entering Clink Room collaboration contests in Photoshop, get on the Illustrator wagon. I’m talking to you T.J.


12 thoughts on “Spokane Indians Go 3D

  1. Thank you Jesse,

    Yeah I saw those entries and the winners. Quite impressive entries, all of them. I’m not in it to win it, it’s just the aesthetic value of participating in contests, you learn and you get to see other peoples works! :]

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