Everett Team Store Concept

I know in the past that I haven’t done enough behind-the-scenes of what we do here at Plan B. Branding. So I guess I’m making up for lost time. Here’s a glimpse of a project we did last year for the Everett AquaSox. Tom, the GM up in Everett, asked us if we would come up with some ideas to liven-up their team store to better showcase their new look. We came up with a bunch of ideas that they could execute on their own and do it cheaply. This is a look at the elevation sketch we dreamed up. (Click here for a larger version of the image.)
Tom told us that the best thing has been these cell phone camera photo spots that we designed. Simple cheap fun. Just like Minor League Baseball.


4 thoughts on “Everett Team Store Concept

  1. Love the blow up tongue. I personally think the photo frog would have been better if someone could put there head where the baseball is instead of the eyes. I think it would be funnier to have your head grabbed by a frog tongue.

  2. What about putting a QR code on/near the photofrog so people can upload their photos to the team website or FB page? Really cool stuff here guys! Keep it up.

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