Round Up – Friday

We vote for the Night League Monday! Yes!

Here are a handfull of the great things that have crossed my desk over the last few weeks. A cool video of Tim Lincecum pitching in slow motion…

Got these Tweets from @Mike_Shake and @Suitkace about our MishkaxClink caps with nice vignettes of what you get when you grab a cap from The Clink Room…

“Bought a @TheClinkRoom x @MishkaNYC Cycotics hat. Amazing. Will be a best fitted of ’11 I’m sure.”

“From a mega baseball cap enthusiast I love the personalization on this package. Thanks @TheClinkRoom!”

Murs approves of the Pollos Terribles (Now only $14.95).

And last but not least, check how the Lehigh Valley IronPigs top off their parking lot lines. Just another reason to love Minor League Baseball.

Kick this weekend’s ass everyone!

Walbats & New On Sale! Section

A couple things worth a quick rundown. First, Josh Slay’s Walbats just dipped below the “25 LEFT” mark. And that makes it one of the best selling caps in Clink’s short history. On my personal reorder wish-list, Walbats in a new colorway is second only to a Chupacabra New Era. Congrats Slay! Get em here while the gittin’s good!

Speaking of Chupacabras. There are only 3 left of those and they now live in our new “On SALE!” section of the Clink Store. That’s the new place for all things discounted. In fact, all the stuff in the On Sale! section is only $14.95. Go here to get yours.

New Stirrup Project

The power of Clinkers! Back in January we got an email from Clinker Cash Collins about his charity, The Stirrup Project. We loved his mission of providing baseball equipment to less fortunate kids in the Dominican Republic. (Check the original post here.)

We put out a call to Clinkers to see if anyone had the time to help Cash out to update his site and graphics. And man did they ever step up to the plate. The logo and the website was designed and built by Derek Yoder, Josh Jenniges, Walter Colindres and Bryan Flynn. You guys are all amazing. Check out the new site here.

Look at this great Mr. Stirrup character! We should get some caps with that guy on em. Cash and I will get something in the works.

Last but not least, donate to the awesome cause. Go here to learn how to help!

UPDATE: Tanner Naeher did a lot of the programing. Great work Tanner!

The Greatest

1985 Nike exhibition game in Italy featuring Michael Jordan shattering a backboard. I think Jordan’s basketball career is one of the best parts of the last 25 years. The internet and Michael Jordan. Right?

Just Kidding!

Had a last minute run of revisions. Sorry for the confusion. I was confused as well. Some really good ones in here.

Tanner! Great job on redoing those arms!

Gyula! Love this kid to death. Last version is the best. Way to stay at it.

Nathan! Really great revision. Full of mystery.

Jack! This is like a concept piece. You’ve made this cap really iconic in an unexpected way. Great work!

Alright, now we’re done! Promise.

O.G.-Disney Behind-the-Scenes

As you all know, we love us some behind-the-scenes round these parts. And this is the O.G. or behind-the-scenes. A look at how they made Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I’ve seen a thousand crapy behind-the-scenes looks at how Disney used to make their hand drawn animated features, but this one is really good.

Last Post of the Night League!

That’s it! What a contest! Love all of the entries like they’re my own children. We vote in a couple days. Gotta get the ballots together. Great work everyone! Let’s cap this thing off with 4 great finales!

Patrick! THIS is a great redo full of expression and energy. Mischievous done!

Patrick! Another big awesome!

Elvis! Great way to round out this concept. The ghosts make a crest/laurel-esque shape. Excellent.

Szabolcs! Simple, clean and ready to kick ass. Nice work!

Stefan! I really like this guy. It’s nice to end with a solid fresh entry. Great colors. Great expression. Raise the red boarders. Bangarang.

Thanks, as always!

As always, you guys are the best. I haven’t thanked you guys enough over the last few drops. The Mishka X Clink Room collaboration was one of our best unveiling weeks ever. We love and appreciate you all. If you haven’t got one, and you want one, get one, and get em here.
Kick this weekend’s ass!

2ND to Last!

I know, I know. I said We’d be done by this week and now we have one more round on Monday. There are some great one’s in here they deserve full attention.

Tayler! Love the additions. Done!

Kevin! Big-ole-boom done!

Kim! Fun-and-done!

Ryan and Jeffe! This is a great entry! Done.